Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being a Badger fan...

We are knee deep in football season (yay!), and strange things have been happening in the Big Ten. I tune in week after week to see what will happen with my beloved alma mater.

Wisconsin started the season out NOT ranked in the top 25. I am not saying that we deserved to be, because we certainly didn't after last year's embarrassments. Then, Iowa came out of NOWHERE and had an undefeated record, up until they were placed on Sports Illustrated's cover and Stanzi sprained his ankle and they lost to an unranked team. Oy. Enough about Iowa. Onto what is important. The Badgers. You see, being a Badger fan is a bit tricky at times. It's not for the faint of heart. No, sir. I often say being a Bager fan is like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend. You know, the kind that you just can't seem to shake off your leg no matter how hard you try. At the beginning of the season, you seem to have forgotten about your heartache, heartbreak and breakup. Things seem ok. You only remember the good times you had, the afternoons frolicking in the fields of daisies hand in hand, not really but you get the picture. And then a few weeks in, you are reminded of why you broke up, what drove you nuts about Bielema (er, your ex) and that you just don't need that in your life. And then something happens again, he might say the right thing to you (they might start winning a few games) and then you're back on the badwagon just to be let down again. Sigh.

I know that there are some years where this isn't the case. Ron Dayne's run with the Badgers under Alvarez's rule was pretty spectacular and nothing like a relationship with an ex. But then Barry decided he was done. And he handed a pot of gold to a young man named Bielema. And what did Bielema do? He didn't KNOW what to do with it, that's what. And don't get me started about his choice in windbreakers. Greg, Patrick and Tonya can all attest to the fact that he brings the rage out in me. In fact, on Saturday mornings, you can often find me sharing angry texts and BBMs with my afforementioned friends.

There you have it. Although I complain a lot about the boys, I will always be a fan of the Badgers. No matter how many times they let me down. And one thing will never change, I will always hate The Ohio State, they are a bunch of pansies. On Wisconsin!


  1. I am so glad that you have finally written this metaphor down. You should send it to the Badger Herald. Was that a newspaper? Whatever it was called, the crossword puzzle motivated me to go to class.

  2. Can you imagine the puzzled look on my face as I read this? Touchdown, wah? Stanzi, who? Score a goal TWINS! Heheh... LOVE it though:)

  3. SOOO well said Ingrid! I too have always compared my relationship with The Badgers to an ex lover. It's amazing how much they can hurt my heart come sat. morning. :)

    And I'm with S, send this to the Badg. Herald. And damn, I loved that crossword. And Rocky the Raccoon. Remember him?

  4. I just looked this up to re-read it because it is 100% true. Damn those badgers and me loving them so much it hurts. Why Ingy, WHY????

    PS. I miss yooooooouuuu!