Friday, December 31, 2010

Spotted: One UW Football Player

Busted at the Apple store in Century City. It wasn't past curfew but I thought they were under lock and key. Maybe they let the players have a recess like in grade school. Dude had a babyface and MUST have been the second string punter because he was quite petite. And football players are not petite by any means.

On Wisconsin! PS- their custom Adidas kicks for the Rose Bowl are SICK. Our colors aren't red and white for nothing. Just sayin! Couldn't get those up close without being a total creepster.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiny. Out.

I know I posted about our little friend Tiny already, but he went back to the North Pole when Santa came on Christmas eve night when the kiddos were sleeping. And this was his final position and it solidified my opinion that even though he is a sweet elf, he sometimes looks like Captain Creepster.

Until next year, little man. I appreciate how excited little Mr. M and Ms. E get when they see you. And that makes this auntie very happy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

B*tch has Balls.

Spotted: A VERY Midwestern-looking woman wearing a god awful Vikings poncho getting onto a plane in Minneapolis GOING TO GREEN BAY.

And the poncho wasn't god awful because it was Vikings. It just was god awful. But, I must say, she sure has balls to do that!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Don't Believe You.

I would consider a cashmere scarf a luxury accessory. Wouldn't you? This sign leads me to believe that I can get a cashmere scarf for $10. I'm calling you out, shop on Hollywood Blvd. It's just not possible. It's not nice to take advantage of the tourists! You're just as bad as those evil Kay Jewelers advertisements.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travel Travel Bo Bavel.

Let's just put it out there and say that I know I need a new phone/camera enabled phone if I am going to continue to take photos of unsuspecting people. There, that's out in the universe and moving on. I was at the Delta terminal at LAX this morning and I had a massive champagne headache. Doesn't make for a fun day of travel. I walked up to my gate and noticed that I felt like I was getting off of a plane in Hawaii. How strange. Then I looked over and saw this guy.

Playing a ukulele for all to hear. Could have been endearing but it was a little annoying. See: last night's holiday party.

THEN. I walked onto the plane and a dude in first class had a CIGAR (unlit, but still) hanging out of his pie hole. Um, ok? This snap was very blurry as I took it while I was walking back to where the cattle sit. You can KIND OF see the cigar. Did he think he was going to be able to light up en route? News flash, buddy, you haven't been able to smoke on planes since 'Nam.

Bonus? Delta has free wifi for the holidays. You know, because I am sure I didn't cover that with my $730 flight and $23 checked bag fee. Sarcasm aside, it was an unexpected treat. Ho ho ho!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Football Friday.

Boom. Only seems fitting since I'll be in the Geebz for the Sunday night game against the Pats. Go Pack!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ms. Portman if You're Nasty.

Beginning to love this one more and more each day, each interview I read and each movie I see. The following quote may have just sealed the deal.

Natalie on the possibility of ever appearing on Dancing with the Stars, "No, I'm going to see how this whole acting thing works out." Love her.

PS- Black Swan was an incredible movie, but it was highly disturbing. Consider yourself warned!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Body is SO Confused.

I am not complaining. Ok, I am a little. It's just that it's December. And in 6 days I will be sending my body into shock by stepping off the plane into the Frozen Tundra (yes that gets capitalized, it's a proper name for where I am from). My car at 3 PM this afternoon told me it was this hot outside:

...on December 12th. And I am not ok with it. Hard to feel jolly and in the holiday spirit when Mother Nature decides to give Hollywood a hot flash. Meanwhile the Metrodome is collapsing from snow. Couldn't the engineers/architects have figured out that was going to happen? Come on, it's Minneapolis! It SNOWS there!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself.

Saying I dislike the Black Eyed Peas is a mild understatement. In fact after finding out they would be playing the SuperBowl halftime show, I decided that if my beloved Pack Attack don't get to the Bowl this year, well, it'll be a year where there is actually a decent halftime show. What happened to Springsteen? Timberlake, Aerosmith and Spears? Then I came across an article that basically says that the Black Eyed Peas have already ruined the SuperBowl. Please read the article.

My friend Greg also hates the BEPs as much as I do. I asked him to submit a guest quote and this is what he came up with: "You know who has more talent and songwriting skill than the Black Eyed Peas? The producers who piece together the tracks for those songs of dogs barking out Jingle bells. The dogs are probably more talented as well, at least they are housebroken unlike Fergie." And on that note, I will leave you with this.

Monday, December 6, 2010


It was a show day today, so I dressed up. At 8 AM, Kasey was admiring my new shoes (read: I was forcing her to ooh and aah) when she noticed that I had a big ass run in my tights.

Who lets me out of the house looking like this? More importantly, WHY do I insist on getting dressed in the dark? Why do I refuse to use my adorable Crate and Barrel mirror that I HAD to have?

PS- the reason I bought new shoes? Kris at work told me my last pair of black patent leather heels looked like "principal shoes". His response to this new pair? "Stripper shoes". This girl can't win. NOT that he knows anything about women's fashion-smashion.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creepy, Yet Endearing. The Sweetest Ever, Actually.

Have you met "Elf on the Shelf" yet? My niece and nephew have Tiny the Elf visit them starting at Thanksgiving and he stays through Christmas. Please see the real life Tiny:

He looks like he is up to no good at all times with his shifty eyes. Tiny walks about the house when the kids are sleeping and settles into a new position before Mason and Emme wake up each morning. And Mason LOVES it. He actually wakes up early just to see where Tiny is chilling. And every night, Tiny reports to Santa whether the kids have been good or bad. Brilliant. And so fun. If the kiddos in your life don't have a "Tiny" in their life, make it happen. It's super dee duper worth it!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guessing Game!

My friend snapped this "Things I See" photo on her iPhone. She spotted this dude in a CVS in San Fran. He was in front of her in line. I am usually nosy and look to see what people have in their carts. The question of the moment is: what is this man buying?

Could it be Cheetos? What about socks? WRONG! He was buying condoms. Yes, I italicized the word "condom". And they were NOT magnums. Just sayin'.

Tale of an Open Flame and a Scarf.

I should know better. But I don't use my noggin sometimes. (Sometimes you ask? How about OFTEN!). I was trying to be helpful in the kitchen at Thanksgiving, doing whatever the queen of the kitchen needed. My sister asked me to toast almonds- which I burned, is anyone surprised? As I was toasting them, I leaned over an open flame with a scarf on that had a fringed edge. S-M-R-T! Right?

I immediately smelled something burning and noticed my scarf was ablaze. Ok, I am being a teeny bit dramatic. But still. It happened. Stuck it under water and we were good to go. Think I can blame the burned almonds on the scarf? Let's go with that.

What a great Thanksgiving it was, though. YUMMY food and lots of kisses from the kiddos. Happy heart.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm in a Fight with the Airlines.

And there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Except stay put. Which is not going to happen. I used to bawk at my holiday flights that crept just north of the 5 hundo mark. Ahem, welcome to holiday travel rape-a-thon 2010. My head is spinning that my flights for both holidays before checked bag fees are just a few doll hairs shy of FIFTEEN hundo. I'm not going to Tahiti, people! I am going to the Midwest! In the words of my Grandpa Joe, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!".

BUT, all complaining aside, I am over the moon that I get to spend so much time with the peanuts and a very abbreviated trip to the Geebz. Happy ALMOST December! And I'll be back just in time to smell these:

It's so nice to come out on TOP of Ohio State in the BCS. It just is.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This WOULD Happen to Me.

I was just packing for Thanksgiving with the fam, and I bought a new sweater (you know because all of mine were moth bait) and was planning on wearing it for Thanksgiving and I went to pack it and...wait for it...

...had this on it. Yes, that's right. The sensor is still on. Free gift with purchase! Kill.

Disclaimer: said sweater with bonus sensor doesn't look cute in the photo, but I swear it is.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Look for Tay Tay.

I know you've done this before. You know, straightened your hair. Taylor Swift, I am talking to you. I appreciate the consistency with your barrel curls, but it gets old. So when you switch it up, it's like a breath of fresh air. And you kind of look like Brooklyn Dekker when you do. And that is FAR from a bad thing.

And you decided to throw us a curve ball at the AMAs tonight with your straight locks and short dress. I approve. Let's keep the style transformation train chugging along, ok? Thanks. Because I like you. You're a peanut. And you used to make out with Finn Hudson.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm A Gryffindor.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was released today. I am a Potter fan. I've read all the books and have seen all the flicks. BUT there are Potter fans out there who get really into it. I was running errands this morning and was behind this car at Fairfax and Melrose.

They read: "Avada Kadavra (if only)" and "I'd rather be playing Quidditch". Wow. That is some serious HP fan if they're sticking those on their car! I honestly want to go see the movie today just so I can see all the people who dress up like wizards! I miss Dobby!

If You Have To Sneeze, Sneeze Into This.

Last weekend was a beautiful weekend here in Hell-Ay. But for some reason, my (what I think were) allergies were acting up. Dana was here visiting from San Fran and we sauntered on down to Manhattan Beach for some lunch. As we were waiting for a table, I had my hands full and I felt a monster sneeze sneaking up on me. It came so fast I BARELY got my hand up to my mouth, but alas, I did. Phew.

I panicked, looked at Dana and made sure I didn't give her a second shower, and she looked dry. Why did she look dry? Because apparently I SNEEZED IN HER MOUTH. Yup. Couldn't have even aimed for her if I tried. I still am cracking up thinking about it. I know it's SO gross.

Mujer- I am terribly sorry. I promise to never sneeze in your mouth again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Is How I Feel Right Now.

Hello? Anyone home?

I've been completely off the grid and MIA. I've been a terrible friend. Averaging about 5 days to return calls and emails. And I feel like the picture above. Except not as put together. :)

Wouldn't it be pretty sweet if steam actually shot out of our ears when we felt insane? Out to celebrate a bestie's birthday this eve and then things will calm down for 2 days. Whew! Happy, HAPPY birthday BTG! xo

Monday, November 8, 2010


Being from Green Bay means you lurrrve yourself some Packers. I started keeping tabs on this dude after a most impressive season last year.

Clay Matthews III. What's not to love? That hair! He WALKED ON at USC (which was a powerhouse when he was there). He worked (and still works) his tail off. He is a third generation NFL Legacy- his dad, grandfather and uncle all played in the NFL. His little brother is currently playing with the #1 Ducks in college and killing it. Clay leads the NFL in sacks so far this season with 10 1/2. Defensive MVP in the league at the end of the year? Time will tell. Pantene deal on the horizon? If Polamalu can get a Head & Shoulders deal, then Pantene is a shoe in for Matthews.

He just might be my favorite. Officially a Claymate. And this post is after I had a dream about the Packers last night and Siri said to me: "Ing, you might need to take a break from football." After that dream, Siri, I think you might be right. Just can't help myself!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Double Ohmygoodnessheishot Seven

Collective sigh of relief. Daniel Craig will be returning as James Bond.

I loved Casino Royale so much that I saw it in the theater twice. Swoon. Wasn't nuts about the follow up, but I can't wait for Bond 23 come November 2012.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Scream, You Scream!

Have you tried this ice cream yet? It's cake batter ice cream with ribbons of frosting and sprinkly goodness.

If not, do it. You won't be sorry. It's not always in grocery stores, and much to my combined emotions of joy and dismay, it's back on the shelves. Joy because it's delicious. Dismay because, like Lay's, you can't have just one (bite).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Excuse Me? I Look Like...?

It happens all the time. I have friends who have been told at one time that they look like beautiful people (because they are beautiful people): Rachel Leigh Cook, Phil Mickelson's wife Becky, Leighton Meester, Mandy Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Lowndes etc. All would be a considered a compliment in my book. I've been told I look like 3 people. And I don't buy any of them. So I maintain that I look like ME. But to entertain you, I will share with you these inaccuracies. I was in San Diego a few years ago and some dude approached me in a bar and asked me if anyone has ever told me that I resemble Jennifer Capriati?

Um, no. I like tennis, but that doesn't matter. Thanks for playing. Then at a friend's New Year's party, some dude (the same one who dictated the size of my boobs to me) told me that I look like Rita Wilson. Um that would be another "no". Try again! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her and she is beautiful but she is also a lot older than me. NEVER tell a chick she looks like an older woman. Ever. Especially if you want to keep your nuts safe from my Beckham-like kicking skills.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seven Dolla...

Make you holla!

I scored these flats at Target in GB this summer. They were $7. I can't get a cocktail for 7 bones. Wasn't nuts that they had gold on them but it's grown on me. Please excuse my tendony-veiny feet. always, when I think about Target, I think about Kristen Wiig. Enjoy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's That Smell?

I am a champion non-hair washer (does that even make sense?) and I can most of the time reallllly get away with it. My record is one to rival, although I won't cop to it here. I've been hearing about dry shampoo for ages and people swear by it so I thought I should finally pick up a bottle. I chose Oscar Blandi's Dry Shampoo (it's been the most touted brand out there). This is what it looks like:

And this is what it makes my hair smell like:

No, you're not seeing things. My friend Toucan Sam decided to crush up Froot Loops and put them in the dry shampoo bottle. That's the only explanation I can think of. I am sure the good people at Oscar Blandi didn't set out to make the scalps of America smell like fruity cereal, but that's what happens! My friend Kari can vouch for me, I made her stick her sniffer in my scalp at dinner on Friday night at Oakfire to make sure I wasn't nuts. She agreed. About the hair. Not about me being nuts.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweaters:0; Moths:7

It's a very hard lesson to learn. An ENTIRE part of my wardrobe, down. Just when I had a nice little collection of cashmere going, too. So sad. So, so sad.

I was ok with my not so great sweaters serving as Thanksgiving feasts for our winged little creature friends. BUT I am not ok with what happened yesterday morning. I walked over to my closet to put on my FAVORITE J Crew sweater and there was a hole the size of a nickel front and center. I came this close to tears. Kill. Those moths are assholes.

Lesson learned. Very expensive lesson learned. Cedar blocks are my new best friend.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Team Dianna.

I love Glee. I do. And I start to heart Dianna Agron more and more as time goes on. Love her on the show and think she comes off in interviews as someone who really has her head on straight. Not an easy thing in Hollywood. I think she is strikingly beautiful too. I've heard that she is a very nice, kind and genuine person; easy to work with. Point: Dianna.

So, when the GQ photo shoot was released online, I was happy to see that Dianna was included as a star player. And always love me some Corey. seems to me that Lea just OOZES desperation, which kind of ruined the series of shots for me (just my personal opinion). If you haven't seen them already, you can see them here. There has been a lot of chatter about these photos, and Dianna's response to the people who are upset about them made me love her even more.

Team Dianna. Team Quinn. All the way. Can't wait to see what Ms. Agron does next, I have a feeling she has a long career ahead of her!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Did It!

Okay, I will try to blog a little less about my football teams, but I am bursting at the seams with excitement and gagaloo and am so over the moon that WE BEAT OHIO STATE!

They were the number 1 team in the nation! After we sealed the deal, the students (and some adults I would imagine) rushed the field. What a moment.

My heart skips a beat when I see the above photo. I get "badger bumps" (thanks for that, T!). I am unbelievably PROUD to be a Badger and I wouldn't have it any other way. Moments like this weekend make all the heartache that come with being emotionally invested with Badger athletics 110% worth it. When you've said Wis-con-sin, you've said it all!

You can see highlights from the game here (photos above from that link).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beat Ohio State.

Our boys have a tough game tomorrow against the number 1 ranked team in the nation, but there's NOTHING like a night game at Camp Randall. NOTHING. And I have faith in them.

I so wish I were going to be there with everyone. P just sent me this photo and it makes my heart so happy.

Sorry dear sister of mine, but in the name of rivalry, I MUST post this photo of the most appropriate shirt for the weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Siberian Ice.

I was having a conversation with my cubie Phil (no, not THAT Phil) about what we drank in college. And I called out Siberian Ice and all the frat parties that used it for EVERYTHING. I was shocked when he didn't know what it was! GASP! Apparently it's only in Madison.

While searching for an image of it, the Urban Dictionary (yes the one who says Molly means to have a bitch for a sister) gave me this description. I would say it's pretty accurate. "Vodka...if u will so call it that, sold in the city of madison, wisconsin. A 1.75 liter bottle costs less than a haircut, 3 gallons of gas, or a ZJ for that matter at 10$. The neutral grain spirits of the legendary bottle are not really even that neutral as the adjective suggests. Vodka is usually clear but siberian has particles floating in it noted to be the dead rotting remains of russian soldiers. Despite its cheapness it will make for many nites to remember as one stumbles into their shitfaced detox pitfall of doom."

Nothing like a 1.75 of vodka in a plastic bottle to make you feel oh-so-amazing the next morning. Oh, and there are NO photos of a Siberian Ice bottle. Probably better that way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Light, The Heat...

Paging Llyod Dobler!

I received an email (a mass email) from a contact of mine at work and he forgot to BCC everyone on it. I do that from time to time but it's so a reply all/group discussion can take place. Since it was an oh-so-very-Hollywood contact I gone done and got myself a nose problem. I looked to see if I knew anyone on the list and low and behold, Llyod Dobler- Mr. John Cusack himself. WAY too tempting to send a love letter to Lloyd (not to John). Cue: Peter Gabriel:

***Also on the email? Judd Apatow. Ha!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wishful Thinking...

I have been coveting this necklace for a very looooong time. And it pops up on shopbop every once in a while and reminds me of its existence.

Jennifer Meyer's jewelry is simply understated and I love it all. Would make even more swoonballs for the version with diamonds. Sigh.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Being Ingrid.

When I was a kid I didn't love my name. I didn't love it because it wasn't common. And I hated the way my art teacher used to say my name. I was ALMOST a Megan or a Meredith (but according to my mother, there were 6 Megans in the nursery when I was born). In fact, I am pretty sure I went without a name for a few days. Had I been a boy, this blog would be called "Being Rocky". And I am not entirely sure my dad is joking about that.

When we would go on vacation and see the novelty license plates and key chains that were personalized for sale in all the tourist traps I would check for my name EVERY single time we would see them. No dice. I would hate to know how Mother Nature, God's Gift, and Moon Unit Zappa (all real names) felt growing up.

People automatically assume that my parents were huge Casablanca fans or assume that we are Swedish (we are) but then are confused because rather than the standard blue eyes and blonde hair, I am a brunette with green eyes. Dominant hair gene got the best of me I suppose!

So, in my adult life, every time I see something called the "Ingrid" I get a little excited. I purchased a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans back in the day with the "Ingrid" cut- I assure you I wouldn't have purchased them if they had looked horrendous, but I am pretty sure the name of the cut sealed the deal. LOCA! My friend Katy B from college sent me a Nannette Lepore dress this morning and it's called the Ingrid. And I think I may have to buy it. Heaven help us all (especially my wallet) if Mr. Louboutin should ever name a shoe "Ingrid". I will leave you with something that does say my name. A name I love. Sorry to my mom and dad for complaining about it for so many years!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am in DESPERATE need of a hair cut. I forget how long my tresses are until I blow my hair out and injure my neck from sitting back on it and making any quick moves with my head. I will not be heading to the Geebz (where I like to have my hair did by the one and only Christopher) until the Holiday season and I am not sure I can let it get any longer?!?!

I may have to break down and go see fancy-pants-amazeballs Riawna in West Hollywood (read: more $$$ than my car payment was). If not, I will be forced to only answer to Rapunzel and ignore anyone who calls me Ingrid because I will look like this:

Image via here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do You Believe.... GHOSTS?!?!? I kind of do. My cable box on my TV at work is haunted. I know that it's likely a short of some kind, but I like to say it's haunted by something that looks like this:

I will have it securely placed on the in house feed so I can see what's going on over at the stage and it will magically change channels on its own. And not always one station up or down. Sometimes it will go all the way up to ESPN on its own. I am not even joking. Not that I mind. Still kind of freaky. Puts me in the mood for Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night Football.

The only thing getting me through this miserable Monday (it's 100 degrees- hey LA, it's almost October?!?!) is knowing that one of the most anticipated games for Packers fans is tonight. Daaaaaaa Bears.

Monday Night Football! I will be RUNNING out the door to make it home in time for kickoff (hopefully). Go Pack GO!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cougar Town Kitchen.

I am SUPER proud of my seeeester. She turned this:

Into THIS:

After about a year of planning, researching, scheming and endless episodes of Cougar Town, she (with the help of my bro-in-law) transformed her very suburban/manufactured looking kitchen into a tres-chic updated space. The hard work and research paid off! I can't wait to see it in person. This is making me want to redecorate. AAAAAH! Maybe I will just change my duvet.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Of My Faves!

This guy....

is here...

RIGHT NOW. I found out yesterday (I will not tell you how I found out) that A-Rod is going to see my beloved A-Rodge take on the Bills for some week 2 NFL action. ANDY RODDICK in GREEN BAY? Whaaaat? I know, he is married, but not only do I think he is super swoon-worthy, but he also is my favorite player and has been since he broke out onto the scene. He isn't a boring champion, he has MAY-JAH attitude, which is why I adore cheering for him. Was the same with Agassi growing up. Sampras was a snooze fest. Agassi made things innnnneresting.

I had a yummy photo picked out of Andy but felt like a total perv posting it. So opted for a random candid from the Open. I wish I were at Lambeau RIGHT NOW. I wonder what he thinks of the Geebz. He is in for a treat, there really is nothing like a home game at Lambeau. GO PACK GO!

Friday, September 17, 2010

SUCH a Rebel. I Am.

What did you say? She's wearing white after Labor Day? Yeah, you heard me. I am rocking white pants and it's September 17th. What of it, son?

(image via here, this blogger doesn't agree with my sentiments)

Clearly, the rules don't apply to LA. Or me. Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forever Young.

Eminem and Jay-Z just played Yankee Stadium this week. And it sounded EPIC. Kanye came out of the wood work. So did Chris Martin. SWOON. So did Mrs. Jay-Z. In fact, she duetted (is that even a word?) with him on Forever Young. What a concert. Would have killed to have been in attendance.

So amazing. So much talent on one stage.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Like Getting Jello When You Order Creme Brule...

Ok, that's a dramatic title, I know. I am feeling rather ill, and I think I am being punished for last weekend in Vegas. Since I'm not feeling so hot, I wasn't in the mood to go out to eat last night. So...a friend and I got take out. Craved burgers, so decided on Umami Burger. Their truffle burger is beyond out of this world. Called the order in for 2 truffle burgers, medium well and 2 orders of sweet potato fries. Repeated the order just to make sure. Hopped in the car (they don't deliver) and went to pick it up. Paid them $30 for burgers and fries and went home. Super excited to dig into said truffle burger. Right? Wrong.

Got home, and first noticed that the fries were regular fries. Whatever. I could get over that, although it was a bummer. Unwrapped the burger, took a bite and thought, throat must really be bad because I can barely taste the truffle! And then I looked at the burger and noticed it was medium rare bordering on rare. AND IT WASN'T A TRUFFLE BURGER. It was a SoCal burger. Kill. Probably didn't need to be eating that anyways. Big time sad face.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Take Photos of People Without Them Knowing...

Spotted: a very tired man in Vegas. I am guessing his wife is off shopping spending the cold hard cash he worked so hard at winning all night long. And he didn't move for the entire 20 minutes I was in line at Starbucks (yes I waited 20 minutes, I was tired and needed the caffeine!).

And this is him taking a nap. Because he is just going to have to do it again to replenish the spending money.

Side note: totally got busted taking this by about ten people around the man in the picture. Was received with some incredulous laughs.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things That Happen in Vegas.

Really sweet bruises. This was taken on Sunday. It's Wednesday and it keeps getting uglier. No minis for me this weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poncho Love.

You've probably seen both the TV and print ads for H&M's Fall 2010 finds. I picked this one up 2 weekends ago. I meant to blog about it then, but was having a hard time finding a photo of it til now.

I didn't think it would be cute on, but trust me, it is. The best part? It's $19.95. I'm sorry, did you say $19.95? You can barely get dinner for 20 bones these days. Yes, it will probably pill after one season, but who cares? I'll probably be over it by then. Now, everyone go buy one and we can all be in a poncho-wearing army.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Short Sleeves?

Bielema? What's the verdict? What are you going to WEAR in the 105 degree heat to the game? You ALWAYS wear a windbreaker. But if there is wind in Vegas, you're going to want to feel it. It's going to be H.A.B! (Hot as balls for those of you who don't speak Ingrid). Will you opt for the short sleeves like the photo below?

Time will tell. I can't help but talk about Bielema and his windbreakers. Just can't! EXCITED FOR BADGER FOOTBALL! I am a happy HAPPY Ingy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nude Lace Dress.

Wish I had this dress to wear in Vegas this weekend.

Did I mention that I am going to Vegas to cheer on my beloved Badgers? Saying I am excited is an understatement. GO BIG RED!