Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Commitment Issues

My blackberry, which I have had for approximately 31 months (random that I know that) is currently being held together with 2 pieces of scotch tape. I am MORE than overdue for an upgrade from my service provider, there is just one problem. I have commitment issues when it comes to cell phones. It took quite a while for me to decide which blackberry to get in the first place back in 2007. And to complicate things even more, I think I kind of maybe sort of might want an iPhone. Perhaps.

I almost bit the bullet last June, but then I just know that they are going to come out with an even newer and cooler model. The other problem is that MOST of my friends have blackberries (is that the correct plural form for the phone? I know it is for the fruit!). And I use BBM. A lot. I prefer it to texting.
What to do, what to do. I mean, my Curve is working just fine with that good old scotch tape keeping it together.
I think I may sit on it for a few months more. Why not!


  1. I must say...I played with Ari's iPhone quite a bit over the break and fell a wee bit in love. Might have to bite the bullet, myself, one of these dias!!

  2. I vote for the iPhone! Yes, AT&T doesn't have the best coverage and yes, the iPhone battery is sucky. BUT... there is so much fun stuff you can do like the app "Words with Friends" we can play scrabble against each other!
    xo, Rilesbarth

  3. I do need an iPhone if only for the chance to capture the absurd people I see in airports. Blog to follow about these people. I think I may be a convert!