Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emme likes to call me...

Last month, my phone rang at 3:45 AM. Too late to be a bar time chat, too early to be anything reasonable work-wise. Damn near gave me a heart attack. I saw that it was my sister calling so I answered thinking the worst had happened.

I answered and got nothing on the other end. Said hello about 15 times and nada. Finally I heard footsteps and my brother-in-law talking to Emme. He saw what she was doing and picked up the phone and laughed all sorts of hard. Emme was walking around with Molly's phone while they were getting ready for work and she obviously was pushing buttons and dialed me. 6:45 is early for them, but 3:45? Come on! It was pretty funny the next morning. Not so funny as it was happening.

Oh Emme, you're never going to live that one down. And you haven't stopped calling me. Mama- lock your phone!

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