Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Call Me Libby!

Ingrid isn't the most common name. But apparently it's hard to remember!

I get my nails did at Ibiza Nails because it's close and sometime I just don't feel like hopping over the hill to go to Nail Garden. The owner knows me and she USED to know my name. While on hiatus from work last summer, I also took a hiatus from the little luxuries in life-so responsible of me, I know. I guess my absence was duly noted. She greeted me upon my return with a very enthusiastic hello, followed by a pause and she called me Libby. And it was like she was asking a question. She is so sweet and I didn't have the heart to correct her, I just hoped that the next time I signed in or paid with a credit card, she would take note. Nope! I am, and forever will be Libby to her. So now, I sign in with my alias Libby when I get there.

It's better than my own cousin calling me Gretchen to my face at Christmas. I almost died. My other cousin sitting across from him blew him up, but I don't think I would have corrected him either.


  1. What's wrong with Gretchen? Gosh.

  2. Worst name, ever. I keed, I keeeeed. I heart all the Gretchens that I know!