Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only in Wisconsin

I absolutely LOVE going home to Wisconsin over the holidays. I get to see my friends, go to my favorite places, eat some serious cheese curds and watch my beloved Pack! Nothing is better than watching a Packers game in the Geebz.

Going home at the holidays involves seeing family which is always fun. My aunt on my dad's side decorates her house so that anything that is nailed down is holiday themed! Gotta love the Christmas spirit. And those Wisconisinites get pretty creative adding their own "flair" to traditional holiday decor. (Read: cover it in camo and blaze orange. Maybe even throw in a rifle or two). Below is a photo of a blow up snowman in my aunt's yard.
No joke. Enough said. :)


  1. Thanks to you, this will be in my yard next Christmas. Somehow, sans the snow.

  2. Me too, Ingy. It just wouldn't be the holidays without a good couple of days spent in Wisconsin visiting friends and family:)