Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smart Husband.

I saw something very interesting on Saturday. I was driving up Robertson near the Beverly/ 3rd Sreet area when my eyes were drawn to a thirty-something hot dad pushing a sweet child in a stroller. Not too out of the ordinary for a Saturday afternoon. This is what made me swoon- he had one of these hanging from the stroller handle:

Obviously, sans Tisdale. Smart man. Smart husband. He probably was surprising mama with these for Valentine's Day. Men of the world, take note!

PS- This is why I need an iPhone. Would have loved to have snapped a pic of this.


  1. Remember hot dad at PLB?! He SOOO wanted the 4 of us. Memories.

  2. I vaguely remember hot dad. And duhrrrrr....he did want us. We really were hot back in the PLB days. Um...yeah.

  3. Wow. What a guy! My husband may or may not find a link to this post in his inbox..hehe. Love your blog & happy {almost} birthday! Found you thru I Am Chasing Thirty. xo

  4. Love that! You absolutely should send this link to your husband (and every other man you know!). Thank you for the bday wishes, my friends are so sweet and they are spoiling me rotten!