Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Awards Shows...

And we came to the end of another awards season. I generally love awards shows for the red carpet alone. I don't pay close attention to quite a few of the ceremonies. I must say though, I was a tad bit underwhelmed with this year's Academy Awards. Both gowns and jewels. I thought a lot of ladies looked good. But no one made me gasp. Except this little tartlet:

Katra has blogged about her style, poise and elegance before here. I couldn't agree more. Sigh. She really just gets it. Isn't it funny to think that in "Mean Girls" (2004) Lindsay Lohan was the star and the one to watch? Not so much the case anymore. Both Rachel Mc and Amanda Seyfried have really proved they have it. La Loca does not.

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