Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Heart Tennis. It's No Secret.

I always have and I always will. Tonight, "60 Minutes" is featuring Bob and Mike Bryan, who are #1 in the world in doubles. I had the opportunity to go to my first (and only) professional tournament the summer of 1996. It was the RCAs in Indianapolis and the pro from our local club took a group of us down. I was SUPER amped to see Andre Agassi and I guess it was ok seeing Pete Sampras. He never really did much for me. Yeah, he was a great player, but he wasn't exciting. Except when he puked on the court in the 5th set in a long ass US Open match in the late 90's. I am getting off track. We had the pleasure of meeting the Bryan Brothers at this tournament. It was just before they were to start at Stanford and were just getting a taste for the professional world. They are not hard on the eyes, at least they weren't for a 16 year old girl. Cheesy? Maybe. Hotter because they are good at tennis? Absolutely.

Well, I tend to think that asking out twins is fun (see: Evan and Jaron, 2000 at Gamma Phi Beta- Leslie Klepak egged me on). I walked right up to Bob Bryan (because I can always decide which twin or multiple is cuter within an instant) and I gave him my number at the hotel we were staying and told him to call me. HA! Um, Ingrid, he had a match the next day. Was he really going to party? And with some random chick whose head and feet were too big for her body. I will try to find the picture I took with him and scan it in to share with you. Too funny.

Anyways, happy to see these boys have been doing so well. They've won all the majors, are a staple in Davis Cup play (with my current fave Rod-dick) and seem to be fun boys. I can't wait to tune in to "60 Minutes" tonight, er, watch it on my DVR when I have nada going on.

Happy Spring!


  1. Ing - you are too cute and funny! I was at the RCA tournament in Indy a few years back when I lived there - I remember it being sweaty hot that day, but super fun and cool to be there. Can't wait to see you in t-minus 17 days!

  2. I was actually wondering if you had ever gone, knowing you lived there. Yes, it WAS hot as balls when we were there as well. Can't wait to see YOU!!!