Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maroon 5

I am the kind of person who can listen to a song over and over and OVER again and rarely tire of it. I generally feel this way about Maroon 5. So much that every time my friend Patrick from college hears Maroon 5, he texts me without missing a beat. 2 of their songs, "She Will Be Loved" and "I Won't Go Home Without You" are songs that make me swoon. Swoon.

They're due for a new CD to come out soon. Their last one came out when I was living with Marissa, and she made me that CD and I don't think I took it out of my cd player in my car for about a year. No joke.

Let's get on it, Adam Levine, I need new Maroon 5 in mi vida!

PS- Shout out to Cravens who introduced the 11th floor of the Embassy to Maroon 5 after a weekend at Iowa State (?) in 2002.


  1. Oh Ingrid...how I love when I get a shout out in your blog. You have an amazing memory! (but it was Iowa).

  2. Cravens, my memory is like a STEEL TRAP! Except when it comes to remembering WHICH Iowa school it was. :)