Monday, March 8, 2010

Reason #471 Why I Shouldn't Have Nice Things...

Libby went to get her nails did this weekend, courtesy of her mujer Dana (thank you muj!). Ok, I'll stop referring to my Ibiza Nails alter ego in the 3rd person because it's equally as annoying typing as it is reading it. I sat down to settle in to my mani/pedi chair and set my bag on the ground next to my flip flops. I leaned over to grab my glasses to read a mag and in the process knocked over my "Vodka and Caviar" red polish onto the floor. Keep in mind that THIS was on the floor:

The bottle SHATTERED and red nail polish went EVERYWHERE. And I am not exaggerating. It looked like horror movie blood. The back of my purse was covered in my favorite shade. I sat there motionless. Partly because I was embarrassed because everyone was staring and partly because I couldn't believe that had just happened. I could give a flying f*$% about my flip flops. Those are disposable. I was concerned about my bag. This little lady ran over and started to clean up so I dove for my purse because if SOMEONE was going to eff it up, I wanted it to be me, not her. BUT with my luck, no e-speak-a the language so when I told her I wanted to clean it, she went ahead and started wiping the back of my purse down and smearing the red polish. I stopped breathing and was screaming in my head, "YOU IDIOT!" But she then ran a cloth over it that I assume had nail polish remover on it that magically made the smears disappear. Can't be great for the leather, but whatever. It's better than walking around with a nail polish stained purse. You can barely see where it happened, thank goodness.

I also shamefully threw up on my Louboutins the first time I wore them. And I didn't know (aka remember) til the next morning. S-M-R-T, I know. Patent leather is key. Wipes right off. Makes me re-think having nice things though. Not sure how long that sentiment will last but it will make me think twice!

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  1. vodka and caviar is also one of my favs! best red ever.