Monday, March 1, 2010

Things Not To Do in Vegas

Went to Las Wegas (as I like to call it) to celebrate Dana the weekend before last and had a blast. We danced our asses off, were summoned by Mr. Charles Barkley (Taco Bell rapper extraordinaire) to his VIP area at Tao, natch, drank a little, ate a little, and gave Dana a proper Vegas bachelorette party. TOO FUN. I can't wait to see the photos. I didn't take a single one. Both a good thing and a bad thing.

I should know better than to take my shoes off at a club in Vegas. Broken glass anyone? I stayed safe Friday night and managed to just have the bottom of my feet turn black while walking down Las Vegas Blvd looking for a cab barefoot. No cuts or blood there! Saturday night was a different story. I was dancing around our little nook we had at the club sans shoes, because let me tell you, at 2 AM, those shoes don't feel quite as hot as they did at 10 PM. I managed to jump on a pile of broken glass. Yup, that's right. One of the other bacheloretters helped me dislodge the pieces. The smart thing to do would be to put my shoes back on because god knows what is on those floors. But I didn't. I continued to dance with an open wound and then proceeded to traipse across the really clean casino carpeted floor into the elevator and up to the room. No wonder it's still sore.

Lesson learned. Won't do that again. But loved my time in Vegas with the Bride-to-Be!

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  1. I too have walked down the Vegas strip without shoes. . . I wasn't aware 'til the next morning:)