Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Internets and Spoilers

I don't know when I am going to learn. When something BIG happens on a TV show or movie, someone is BOUND to blog about it, post something about it on Facespace, or it will be on MSN or Yahoo's homepage. See: Shutter Island. I knew the ending the entire movie. Changed the entire experience for me. And because of DVR, I don't always watch things the night they air.

I heart 24. Always have. I used to be whacky-tabacky for Jack Bauer back when it was REALLY good.

I still watch 24, but I don't die if I don't watch it real time. BUT, President Hassan apparently was KILLED on last night's episode. And I know this but I haven't seen the episode yet. THANKYOUVERYMUCH Mark T. (Eva's bro). So, now that I know, all 5 of you who read this blog need to know too. I will still tune in to see Jack whisper talk, tell Chloe to "DO IT NOW!", carry his man purse and get tortured and seem to get stronger from the abuse.


  1. It is all my fault. I will delete Mark T from my Facebook and from my life.

    But oh my god, Ingrid, it's such a good episode. You will still be shocked when it happens. I still don't believe it. Make it come untrue.

  2. DO IT, and do it now. Ha. I can't wait to watch. Was a little overwhelmed that it was 2 hours...we are watching the finale together!