Thursday, April 22, 2010

Packing=Procrastination In My World.

For some reason, I think packing is an annoying task. Packing in a carry on? FORGET about it. How am I going to know what I am going to want to wear tomorrow? I can barely decide what I want to wear today!

I have been out of town for the entire month of April. Well, for (long) weekends at least. And I haven't unpacked from a single one yet. I just get out a new suitcase (I am now out of suitcases) and transfer things I need into the new one. And I ALWAYS wait until the 11th hour to pack. I decided to start packing just after 8 AM this morning before work. Nothing like a little procrastination to make me panic and pack an Abercrombie shirt I still have from college. What? I might want to wear it! And I always forget to pack the most obvious things. Did I remember a swimsuit? Crap. Scottsdale or BUST!