Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Like Gambling!

Buying airline tickets is just like gambling, roulette to be exact, but minus the fun. And minus the trip to Vegas. Unless, of course, you are buying a ticket to Vegas, and then it would be a little more fitting to be gambling on that purchase, since that's what people do in Vegas.

Buying airplane tickets makes me panic, it really does. Maybe that is why I am a self-crowned queen of last minute travel. If you get a somewhat decent price, if you don't click BUY IT NOW, you run the risk of the flight selling out, or that annoying little notice saying "we're sorry, but that fare has gone up $120". Kill. That's the ONLY redeeming quality about Southwest (Greyhound in the sky). They let you change flights and rebook if you see a lower fare. I just booked a ticket yesterday on Delta (part of my hopscotch around America tour this summer) and I decided to torture myself and see what the prices were like today and they were less. Like, a stupid amount less. I will just pretend I gambled that money I suppose.

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