Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sur la Table- Did You Mean To Send This To Me?

Opening my mailbox is like a mini-Christmas each day. I subscribe to eleventeen magazines, I am a shopper and my dad mails me random newspaper articles weekly sans note (not even a "hi"). I find myself on the most random mailing lists also. I got a postcard last week welcoming me to check out a local nursing home. Um, ok.

Yesterday, I got home from work, collected my mail and sandwiched between a Victoria's Secret catalog (I get at least 3 per week) and a Crate and Barrel catalog was a Sur la Table glossy. Imagine my confusion! I really only use my kitchen as a place to put my adorable Kitchenaid Mixer that I use as a decoration. (See my fridge blog). Why would Sur la Table be trying to lure me into their store. I have only been in there twice and both trips involved Siri in one way or another. They MUST have accidentally sent my Nordstrom Catalog to Siri/Katy/Beth/Hannah/Tonya/Molly, etc (...you get the picture) and sent one of THEIR Sur la Table catalog to me. That HAS to be it, right?


  1. SLT must know you want to use that adorable Kitchenaide Mixer and wants to help!

  2. I don't know but you should put that catalog to good use and buy me something from it.

  3. hehehe, I will take it off your hands! Kisses and I miss you!