Thursday, May 13, 2010

That's Not My Child.

We were at the W in Scottsdale a few weekends ago and I found myself chatting with a dude. He asked me for my phone number so I gave it to him and he called me while he was sitting next to me. I pulled my phone out to save his number (so I would remember who the H he was when he called or texted) and he looked at me funny as he watched me enter his info. He saw this photo as the screen saver on my phone...

...and asked, "Is that your nephew?". AKA, what he meant to say was "that's not your kid, is it?" I told him no, that was not my nephew and paused and made him sweat for a hot second or two. Then told him it was my niece. Shhh, don't tell Emme that Kyle from the Scottsdale W thought she was a boy.


  1. Was he cute? Any potential?
    xo, Megan "super nosey" Rilesbarth

  2. Riles-B, I owe you a may-jah gossip catch up sesh. Nyny.

  3. Bah ha! Love it. When is this Kyle taking our beautiful Ingrid for a drink in LA btw?