Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The first thing on my mind when I go home is getting me some cheesecurds. Stat. Fried or fresh, they really are one of my favorite things. Ever.

My friend Ryan and I ventured up to Door County last Thursday for dinner. He knew of this little hole in the wall place right on the lake that had the best perch around. According to him at least. I asked if they had cheesecurds and upon confirmation agreed to go. We arrived, bellied up to the bar, ate pan-fried perch, fried cheesecurds and had some drinks. Also watched the bus boy from Barney's Beanery who has worked there forever-ever school Kobe at Arcade Hoops on Kimmel. Getting off track. Here is the meal that we crushed:

Also, at the cocktail hour for the Cullens' wedding they had a CHEESE table. Got me some fresh white cheddar curds to hold us over til dinner. Yum. If only California would catch on. The Busby's curds on game day just aren't the same. Can you tell I still have WisconSIN on the brain?


  1. Busboy from Barney's WHA? Do tell.

    I love cheeeeseeeee.

  2. Yeah, it was so strange. He was on AGAIN last night and Kimmel gave him a new Mustang after the Celtics/Lakers playoff game. You would recognize him if you saw him! I'll point him out next time we are there...after Europa!