Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dads Say the Darndest Things.

I am in between weddings right now (as you can see from my last blog post). Just finished up in Philly and had SO much fun with Dana and Pat- more on that in a bit...

So, I pretty much didn't take my wedding makeup off and my hair was so shellacked and pinned that when I slept on it (or napped as I should say) it didn't move much and didn't look awful this morning so I rolled with the punches. Well, my dad scooped me up from the 'port and the first words out of his mouth were NOT "I love you, Ing, it's soooo good to see you!". Instead, he chose to say, "Hi Ing! Wow, you look like you've been through the ringer." Hah. At least it's the sign of a good wedding, right?

Now, I must stop blogging and go get some cheese curds ASAP if not sooner!

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