Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Luck Ingrid.

Have you ever seen a movie called Good Luck Chuck?

I am sorry if you have, it was terrible, and if you haven't, don't. I watched it on DVD with a boyfriend who was sick in bed and that's all he had to watch (that right there should have been a sign)- BUT I admittedly will see bad movies by choice from time to time. Moving on.

The premise of the movie is that once a certain girl dates Dane Cook's character, she'll then meet the man they will marry right after. And the ladies were lining up to go one dates with him once they heard about him. It seems that my last apartment took notes from that movie. My roommates all moved in with me and in turn, moved out from my apartment and in with their boyfriend/fiancee and got married. And it just so happens that they all got married 3 weeks in a row. However, no one lined up to move in with me and I moved out of that apartment last year. No mas. There was one exception to that rule but let's just call that one a fluke. :)

Good luck, Ingrid.

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