Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marry Me!

Growing up, I always admired my mother's eclectic and unique style she had about her. Not limited just to decorating but especially in terms of accessories and jewelry. Both costume and the real deal. She had this wild gold Poodle ring and his eyes were rubies. She also had a gold ring that had calla lilies sprouting up- she was wearing it out to dinner, and talking with her hands and dunked it in frosting or sauce of some sort. She quickly slurped it out of the bells of the gold lilies and continued with said conversation. Always makes me laugh thinking about that.

Moving on. I was just cruising and came across this ring. It might be hard to see from the photos, but it wraps around the finger and says "marry me".

What a clever and inexpensive way to propose if you don't have the funds for diamonds just yet! Upgrade in the future! With that said, I honestly don't know a dude that would even find this ring or think of that idea...still cute though!

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