Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It was a great morning for US sporting events, particularly second tier sports. Not football, baseball or basketball. Or hockey even for that matter. But sports like soccer and tennis. Well it MIGHT be for tennis. To be determined manana.

You see, John Isner who was just a small blip on my radar until he took out my beloved A-Rod in the 5th set at the Open last year set EVERY record imaginable today at Wimbledon. His match is against some French guy named Mahut (who I keep calling Manhunt) is 2 minutes shy of 10 hours. It's been called TWICE on darkness delay. It's tied at 59-59 in the fifth. Unheard of. For those of you not familiar with tennis, you play to 6 and must win by 2 in each set, and in a major like Wimbledon, tiebreakers aren't played for the 5th set, you must win by 2.

Sending love and support and ENERGY to Mr. Isner over at The All England Club, hoping he can get a big W out of this match tomorrow when they resume. Wimbledon rarely disappoints.

PS- Shout out to Jay DeMerit, Green Bay native for kicking some serious ass on defense in the World Cup game this morning. Holla!


  1. I enjoyed watching tennis with you this morning via skype. I think you should share that picture on your blog : )

  2. I enjoyed watching with you as well. Thank you for saving the day- Time Warner and the execs at ESPN who decided that having soccer on BOTH ESPN channels that I get can SUCK IT. As for that photo, it has been erased from our bbm conversation. I didn't know it was possible to look that ugly at 7:30 in the morning. But thanks for the idea. Smooches to you.