Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Season!

3 VERY good friends of mine are getting married 3 weekends in a row. How crazy is that? Not to mention lucky that they didn't conflict with each other. Whew!

Katy and Ari got married last weekend- BIG love to the newlywed Schneidermans. Can't wait to squeeze them in 2 weekends.

Dana and Pat are getting married THIS weekend in Philly. Can't believe it's almost here! Going to take my BM duties seriously- main focus is not to trip walking down the aisle in the Cathedral.

Haley is marrying my dear friend Patrick's brother Danny in the North Woods of Wisconsin the weekend after that. I adore Wisconsin, it's going to be a fun wedding and pretty sure I am going to tackle Patrick when I see him, it's just what we do.

Whew. I am tired already.

Should be loads of fun and I will be sure to post some pics soon. I may be MIA from the blogosphere between now and then. Summer has barely started and I feel like it's already over and booked.


  1. You forgot the Juno and Juno wedding.

  2. How in the HELL did I forget that one? Sorry. Will edit and repost. Isn't it Juno y Juno though?