Thursday, July 8, 2010

BARVE Must Be Happy...

For once, Brent Favre isn't King Douchelord in the world of sports. Mr. James is quietly taking over. LeBron, pick a team. People do it all the time without all the drama and needless anticipation.

LeBron will sit on this throne until next week when this blows over and with training camp starting so soon. The crown will rightfully be placed back on B-Favre's greying hair.

I tried to find a photo of BF wearing a crown but found this first and I liked it. Love the jorts. GOD, I can't wait for football season.


  1. I like how you write. I think you should have a column in a magazine.

  2. Bah. Highlights magazine? Remember those in waiting rooms at the doctor and at school?

  3. This was too funny. Yeah, what's up with the anticipation? The kids in the gym seemed to care less when he made the announcement. Did you see that? Found you through Siri ... :)

  4. I actually didn't watch most of it. I had it on in the background just because. I called it was going to be Miami because there were reports that he rented out 6 cabanas at the W South Beach this weekend- dead giveaway. And I just don't care. AND his ego is out of control. Really? A press release and all ESPN talked about for DAYS? Kind of happy that the kids stone faced him. :) Like I said, he is King Douchelord. There are my two cents.

    I figured you found me through Siri, tends to happen when my friends link to my blog. Love your blog, by the way!