Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Things I See...

Pauly D? Or Pauly D's younger brother? Maybe! Homeboy had on shield sunglasses indoors that had no arms. If I had bigger balls I would let it be known that I was taking a photo of him and take one head on. But he scared me, so I didn't.

Apparently there is an abundance of interesting people on Sundays in fast food joints in LA. I'm supposed to be at Moonshadows next Sunday but think I may have to skip it and hit Jack in the Box to see what's next!


  1. That is remarkable. Can you imagine what the psycho analysis of actually taking the time out of your precious life to construct such a form on your head would say?

  2. I wonder how much hairspray and gel he goes through!

    K- I wish you would have been with me. You would have DIED!

  3. Holy CRAP! How do you get to see all of these amazing things!?!?