Thursday, July 22, 2010


I often joke about how since I am not one to use my kitchen all that much that it's a great place to store things. I had a small handful of friends over recently. I was about to throw Beth's artichoke dip into the oven to bake when I opened the door to find this:

The DIRTY dishes from my birthday dinner over from over THREE MONTHS AGO. Ohmygoodness. Naturally my friends know me well enough to not be shocked by something like this. Don't get grossed out. They weren't moldy or anything nasty like that. They had been rinsed etc. There were a few peanuts left in the bowl though. I had wondered where the dishes were a few weeks ago. Didn't I have more of those yellow plates? I sure did. They were just in the oven. That moment was only to be topped by Siri walking into the wrong apartment and in on my crazy cat lady neighbor who is actually a man. Brilliant.


  1. Let's not relive that moment, please.

  2. Totally awesome. You guys crack me up.

  3. This post makes me so happy. Love it!