Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things I See.

What do you do when you have a killer hang over? Obvious answer is to get In N Out in your system ASAP if not sooner. That's exactly what took place this morning. The In N Out on Sunset is quite the experience on any given day. This is what I saw at 11:30 AM on a Sunday morning.

You see, I could maybe think about forgiving her if she was doing a walk of shame and made a pit stop at In N Out. Maybe. But that simply wasn't the case. I made sure to check out the face (freshly applied make-up and LOTS of it. MUCHO black eyeliner). The dress was so short that I almost saw her hoo ha. And someone forgot to tell her when you wear lacy underwear that is white under a white cotton/spandex dress that you can see EVERYTHING. Notice those iridescent sequins on the lace at the bottom? No? I did. And those shoes are a little aggressive for a Sunday church-going morning. Maybe she is trying to be like the Tiger Hos? But truth be told, she may have not been nasty enough or foul enough to fall into the same category as those other (ahem) ladies (can we even call them ladies?). Maybe she was a paid escort? Or maybe she was just a victim of AWFUL Wet Seal Casual wear? Escorts and fashion victims need to eat too!


  1. No, no, no, I saw her at church. She read the first reading. It's all good.

  2. I'm dying. I absolutely LOVE that you snapped her picture. I hope you were super obvious about it and told her the link to your blog.

  3. I am not sly about anything, ever. I am Captain Obvious and I laughed as I was taking it, so I would go ahead and guess yes. What if someone (and by someone, one of the 27 followers) can identify her? They would get 20 points!