Friday, July 30, 2010


Had to go back to work this week. WAH! But excited it's the weekend. Got the following text yesterday: "ingrid, my friend Jack just landed in LA. He will be calling you. He's with a bunch of cute guys and will buy you and your friends drinks all weekend."

Um, the drink fairy apparently is named Jack (et al) and is paying the ladies of WeHo a visit this weekend.

Six man tomorrow in Manhattan and Moonshadows on Sunday. Lots of fun, sun and friends. Just what summer is supposed to be. And lots of bad tattoo sighting. You know, because that's when all the clothes come off.

(Image via here.) Hey lady with the black eyeliner, that's going to look HOT in about 30 years.

Happy summer everyone! May your weekend be filled with Drai's pool, bbqs and wild volleyball tournaments!

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