Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Can Dream About You!

You know that song "I Can Dream About You" from the 80s? I had to google to know that Dan Hartman sang it. Now I know. Well, this is what plays in my head when I see this:

I am not allowed Diet Coke while I am doing the blueprint cleanse. I am on day one, and since I eased into the cleanse, I haven't had a single Diet Coke since Monday. And I am not terribly craving one. But that first sip will be oh-so-delicious. Nothing better than the first sip out of a perfectly chilled DC. Well, ok, lots of things are better. But I thoroughly enjoy it.

And here is the video for your viewing pleasure:



  1. That is the sexiest Diet Coke I've ever seen.

  2. That video is wicked awesome.

  3. Proud of you Ing! Can't believe you're not having serious withdrawals from no DC!

  4. and now it's in my head. I'm so proud of you for your cleanse!