Friday, August 6, 2010

I Have a Bone to Pick With You, Victoria.

Not you, but your Secret. Victoria's Secret. While I luuurve that PINK has a collegiate line and I can stock up on some cute Badger gear, it was recently announced that they launched a new NFL line because the college gear did so well. And I am MAD. You might be thinking, what is the problem with that? Don't you get excited about football Sundays? Yes, as a matter of fact I do. BUT...and that's a big but, not all teams are licensed. My beloved Packers aren't included. BIG TIME SAD FACE. Half of the NFC North is, and I have plenty of Vikings and Bears fans in my life who will be pleased about this, but still no love for me. I'll have to continue wearing my not-so-cute Packers gear. So sad. And Carolina? REALLY? I don't know ANYONE who gets excited about the Panthers. And they're not even good. I would be SUPER insulted had Tampa Bay Been included (or maybe even Detroit). Here's to hoping that next season there will be a complete roster and you KNOW this girl will be stocking up.

The person at VS who pitched this idea in the first place was a SMART COOKIE.

PS- The Bears stuff is SUPER cute. Direct rival, I know, but still, have to give credit. Also loving the Patriots, Giants and Jets gear. And I hate to say it but the Cowboys too. Sigh. Can it be September already?


  1. Ahem! You forgot your fav team in the NFC East...the Eagles. I'm buying that hoodie. Thanks for the shopping tip, my loving wifey.

  2. Hi! I discovered your blog through "I am chasing thirty". As soon as I read "cute Badger gear", my eyes lit up. I'm a Badger too; gonna be a senior this fall!

  3. Oh I am SO homesick for Madison right now. Enjoy your senior year, it goes by fast! And sending Badger love your way. SUPER excited for this upcoming football season! xoxo

    And Dana, yes Los Eagles are my fave NFC East team. For sheez. Like I've said before, I make people buy things!

  4. You're very on point about this being a really smart idea. I felt this way about Laker gear. Old Navy licensed their logo to make some tee's that were better, but still not great. I like how these tee's are layed out. I might actually have to get the Chargers one. Sorry about your Packers:(

  5. I am also peeved about the Packers not being included. Felt the same way about their baseball line with no Brewers. But, the Packers are one of the best merchandise selling teams in the league. Stupid move by Victoria. Oh well, guess I'll just buy more Badger gear!

    Headed to any badger games this fall?

  6. Must say...I now have my eyes on the Vikes hoodie. Bigtime. But still crossing fingers that your teams will be avail soon too!! xo