Monday, August 2, 2010

Questionable Footwear.

I saw a hot dad this evening. Not a rare occurrence. And then the record scratched and stopped. I looked down and saw this:

Crocs are SO cute on kids. I melt when I see my little Mason man in his big boy Crocs. And I bet they are comfy for you adults who wear them. Hell, my 69-year-old father has a pair. But he has feet problems and his are BLACK. (His Crocs, not his feet). There is no need for this man to have lilac Crocs on his tootsies. Let's hope he lost a bet with his buddies and had to wear these and that he didn't CHOOSE to wear that color. Yes, I bet that's what happened.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you flat out take pics of people in public. Will NEVER get old.

  2. Sick and wrong! Still bummed you missed that guy's ass in the speedo at 6-man, Ing...

  3. I KNOW! I just need to walk around with my bberry on camera mode at all times! That would have been GOLDEN!