Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do You Believe....

...in GHOSTS?!?!? I kind of do. My cable box on my TV at work is haunted. I know that it's likely a short of some kind, but I like to say it's haunted by something that looks like this:

I will have it securely placed on the in house feed so I can see what's going on over at the stage and it will magically change channels on its own. And not always one station up or down. Sometimes it will go all the way up to ESPN on its own. I am not even joking. Not that I mind. Still kind of freaky. Puts me in the mood for Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!


  1. Same thing happens in our abode. Could be mixed with another person's box? Can that happen? I'm a techie.

  2. We had a ghost in our Chicago house. When Sam was a baby, the light in his closet would go on mysteriously in the middle of the night.... When we moved, the next people said books would fall out of the book shelf in the same room when no one was in there....