Friday, September 10, 2010

I Take Photos of People Without Them Knowing...

Spotted: a very tired man in Vegas. I am guessing his wife is off shopping spending the cold hard cash he worked so hard at winning all night long. And he didn't move for the entire 20 minutes I was in line at Starbucks (yes I waited 20 minutes, I was tired and needed the caffeine!).

And this is him taking a nap. Because he is just going to have to do it again to replenish the spending money.

Side note: totally got busted taking this by about ten people around the man in the picture. Was received with some incredulous laughs.


  1. You should turn this into some sort of series. Hilarious!

  2. TOTALLY got busted taking candids of your hubby, T. Not Goose, but very well could have been. Had it been Goose, I would have drawn on his face. Because I heart him.

  3. Oh I love it. So could have used you in SF. At 9AM saw a man carrying a forty in a paper bag in one hand and...carrot in the other. Breakfast of champions. Also saw "Elvis" driving a car on our way home but I am so bad with the candids and didn't catch it. Agree with Siri. Series, please!