Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Of My Faves!

This guy....

is here...

RIGHT NOW. I found out yesterday (I will not tell you how I found out) that A-Rod is going to see my beloved A-Rodge take on the Bills for some week 2 NFL action. ANDY RODDICK in GREEN BAY? Whaaaat? I know, he is married, but not only do I think he is super swoon-worthy, but he also is my favorite player and has been since he broke out onto the scene. He isn't a boring champion, he has MAY-JAH attitude, which is why I adore cheering for him. Was the same with Agassi growing up. Sampras was a snooze fest. Agassi made things innnnneresting.

I had a yummy photo picked out of Andy but felt like a total perv posting it. So opted for a random candid from the Open. I wish I were at Lambeau RIGHT NOW. I wonder what he thinks of the Geebz. He is in for a treat, there really is nothing like a home game at Lambeau. GO PACK GO!

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  1. Hey Ing.... do you remember my BFF Randi? well.... she got to squeeze his butt! Well.... not really, but she could have!! He walked out right in front of her! She tried to take a pic, but she's not really versed in being a paparazzi!