Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Siberian Ice.

I was having a conversation with my cubie Phil (no, not THAT Phil) about what we drank in college. And I called out Siberian Ice and all the frat parties that used it for EVERYTHING. I was shocked when he didn't know what it was! GASP! Apparently it's only in Madison.

While searching for an image of it, the Urban Dictionary (yes the one who says Molly means to have a bitch for a sister) gave me this description. I would say it's pretty accurate. "Vodka...if u will so call it that, sold in the city of madison, wisconsin. A 1.75 liter bottle costs less than a haircut, 3 gallons of gas, or a ZJ for that matter at 10$. The neutral grain spirits of the legendary bottle are not really even that neutral as the adjective suggests. Vodka is usually clear but siberian has particles floating in it noted to be the dead rotting remains of russian soldiers. Despite its cheapness it will make for many nites to remember as one stumbles into their shitfaced detox pitfall of doom."

Nothing like a 1.75 of vodka in a plastic bottle to make you feel oh-so-amazing the next morning. Oh, and there are NO photos of a Siberian Ice bottle. Probably better that way.


  1. I might just have to have some Siberian Ice this weekend at the game. I remember my vodka of choice freshman year as Fleishmans...

  2. Mr. Boston was a popular plastic bottle wonder as well.

  3. Berner, PLEASE seek some out this weekend if you can. Guaranteed a worse hangover than it gave us when we were 19 (er, 21).

    Siberian Ice and Mr. Boston!!!! Pretty much the same thing, but I forgot about Mr. Boston!