Thursday, October 21, 2010

Team Dianna.

I love Glee. I do. And I start to heart Dianna Agron more and more as time goes on. Love her on the show and think she comes off in interviews as someone who really has her head on straight. Not an easy thing in Hollywood. I think she is strikingly beautiful too. I've heard that she is a very nice, kind and genuine person; easy to work with. Point: Dianna.

So, when the GQ photo shoot was released online, I was happy to see that Dianna was included as a star player. And always love me some Corey. seems to me that Lea just OOZES desperation, which kind of ruined the series of shots for me (just my personal opinion). If you haven't seen them already, you can see them here. There has been a lot of chatter about these photos, and Dianna's response to the people who are upset about them made me love her even more.

Team Dianna. Team Quinn. All the way. Can't wait to see what Ms. Agron does next, I have a feeling she has a long career ahead of her!


  1. Dianna handled a clearly over-the-top photo shoot with class. When comparing her photos to Lea's it was evident that she didn't succumb to the wants/demands of the magazine. She stayed true to herself-- something that was probably difficult to do in front everyone at the shoot. You couldn't have said it better about Lea - next to Dianna -- she reeked of desperation.

  2. I have always loved her, now I ADORE her.

  3. interesting article on this:

  4. I have seen her a couple times at the grocery store I go to . . .She is stunning in person and was very sweet to the mob of teenage girls that came up to her and ALL had to take pics with her from their phones. Pretty impressed . . .I have heard otherwise about Lea!