Friday, November 19, 2010

If You Have To Sneeze, Sneeze Into This.

Last weekend was a beautiful weekend here in Hell-Ay. But for some reason, my (what I think were) allergies were acting up. Dana was here visiting from San Fran and we sauntered on down to Manhattan Beach for some lunch. As we were waiting for a table, I had my hands full and I felt a monster sneeze sneaking up on me. It came so fast I BARELY got my hand up to my mouth, but alas, I did. Phew.

I panicked, looked at Dana and made sure I didn't give her a second shower, and she looked dry. Why did she look dry? Because apparently I SNEEZED IN HER MOUTH. Yup. Couldn't have even aimed for her if I tried. I still am cracking up thinking about it. I know it's SO gross.

Mujer- I am terribly sorry. I promise to never sneeze in your mouth again.

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