Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm in a Fight with the Airlines.

And there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Except stay put. Which is not going to happen. I used to bawk at my holiday flights that crept just north of the 5 hundo mark. Ahem, welcome to holiday travel rape-a-thon 2010. My head is spinning that my flights for both holidays before checked bag fees are just a few doll hairs shy of FIFTEEN hundo. I'm not going to Tahiti, people! I am going to the Midwest! In the words of my Grandpa Joe, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!".

BUT, all complaining aside, I am over the moon that I get to spend so much time with the peanuts and a very abbreviated trip to the Geebz. Happy ALMOST December! And I'll be back just in time to smell these:

It's so nice to come out on TOP of Ohio State in the BCS. It just is.


  1. That is nutty Ingrid. FIFTEEN HUNDO?!? I need to know your travel plans. Let's correspond.

  2. I completely sympathize. We just booked our flights for Christmas yesterday and they were ridiculously expensive. I'm still pissed about it:)