Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Look for Tay Tay.

I know you've done this before. You know, straightened your hair. Taylor Swift, I am talking to you. I appreciate the consistency with your barrel curls, but it gets old. So when you switch it up, it's like a breath of fresh air. And you kind of look like Brooklyn Dekker when you do. And that is FAR from a bad thing.

And you decided to throw us a curve ball at the AMAs tonight with your straight locks and short dress. I approve. Let's keep the style transformation train chugging along, ok? Thanks. Because I like you. You're a peanut. And you used to make out with Finn Hudson.


  1. I enjoyed the look too. But I still can't help thinking she is a 12 year old playing dress up.

  2. Love T. Swift and loved her new look. Just bums me out that she really is not a very good singer. (Some cringeworthy moments at AMAs last night) But that won't stop me from iTunesing the crap out of her songs.