Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tale of an Open Flame and a Scarf.

I should know better. But I don't use my noggin sometimes. (Sometimes you ask? How about OFTEN!). I was trying to be helpful in the kitchen at Thanksgiving, doing whatever the queen of the kitchen needed. My sister asked me to toast almonds- which I burned, is anyone surprised? As I was toasting them, I leaned over an open flame with a scarf on that had a fringed edge. S-M-R-T! Right?

I immediately smelled something burning and noticed my scarf was ablaze. Ok, I am being a teeny bit dramatic. But still. It happened. Stuck it under water and we were good to go. Think I can blame the burned almonds on the scarf? Let's go with that.

What a great Thanksgiving it was, though. YUMMY food and lots of kisses from the kiddos. Happy heart.

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