Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ms. Portman if You're Nasty.

Beginning to love this one more and more each day, each interview I read and each movie I see. The following quote may have just sealed the deal.

Natalie on the possibility of ever appearing on Dancing with the Stars, "No, I'm going to see how this whole acting thing works out." Love her.

PS- Black Swan was an incredible movie, but it was highly disturbing. Consider yourself warned!


  1. Crap! I keep hearing "creepy," "disturbing," and "intense" followed by a quick ... "but it's really good, you should see it!:)"

  2. I saw it. It was like a horror film, but also really good.

  3. Darn it, I really wanted to see it but if its even slightly scary I have nightmares! Such a wimp. xo, RilesB