Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travel Travel Bo Bavel.

Let's just put it out there and say that I know I need a new phone/camera enabled phone if I am going to continue to take photos of unsuspecting people. There, that's out in the universe and moving on. I was at the Delta terminal at LAX this morning and I had a massive champagne headache. Doesn't make for a fun day of travel. I walked up to my gate and noticed that I felt like I was getting off of a plane in Hawaii. How strange. Then I looked over and saw this guy.

Playing a ukulele for all to hear. Could have been endearing but it was a little annoying. See: last night's holiday party.

THEN. I walked onto the plane and a dude in first class had a CIGAR (unlit, but still) hanging out of his pie hole. Um, ok? This snap was very blurry as I took it while I was walking back to where the cattle sit. You can KIND OF see the cigar. Did he think he was going to be able to light up en route? News flash, buddy, you haven't been able to smoke on planes since 'Nam.

Bonus? Delta has free wifi for the holidays. You know, because I am sure I didn't cover that with my $730 flight and $23 checked bag fee. Sarcasm aside, it was an unexpected treat. Ho ho ho!

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