Monday, November 28, 2011

The Importance of That Extra Roll of Toilet Paper.

Once upon a time I dated a boy named Dan*. Dan and I went out for dinner to Bossa Nova and enjoyed some Brazilian cuisine and some wine. We got home that night and had planned on heading to a bar down the street to meet up with some friends. Dan had to use the bathroom before we headed out. 5 minutes passed. And that's a long time. My text alert went off on my phone. I checked it and it was a text from Dan.

"You're out of toilet paper and there aren't any extra rolls in here. I'm really embarrassed."

Poor kid. I left a roll outside the bathroom and I went to wait outside. Dude's face was a brilliant shade of red for the remainder of the eve.

Moral of the story. ALWAYS have an extra roll of toilet paper IN your bathroom. It will do you (or the Dans of the world) NO good in your linen closet.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity. And no, he has NO idea I have this blog nor will he know. We are not friends nor are we acquaintances. So you can all feel better about laughing at this story.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tailgating FAIL.

Hey YOU in the grey suede wedges! Have you EVER been to a sporting event before? Clearly not. This get up is so not OK on SO many levels. Especially in Wisconsin. Maybe trixies can get away with this in Texas. But no sir, not in Wisconsin. Shame on you.

Friday, November 18, 2011

American Horror Story.

Great show. It really is. But it scares me. For reals.

This is my rooms Katie watching American Horror Story.
This is Katie REALLY watching American Horror Story.
Needless to say, I won't watch it when I am home alone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Girl. Birthday Beth.

Today I am getting on a plane to celebrate this gorgeous girl.
And I could NOT be more excited to see her and my besties. Not possible.

Friends. Haystacks. Book club. Puerto Vallarta. Sweetzer. Engagement excitement (and avoiding you the week leading up to it!). Lady Gaga "Just Dance". Ice Cream Cake. JESSICA SPEARS! Pittsburgh. Pearl. I love your friends who are now my friends. Halloween in WeHo. Big Bear (SNOW!). B-rad. 8 oz. Coldplay concert. Mini candy bar phone. Barney's. Impromptu Sunday Funday at the W. You love my friends who are now your friends. Beach trips to watch the boys surf. Breakfast club. DP Holiday parties. Fire pit nights. Unconditional love. Palm Springs. Sweet, sweet Paxton.

HBD, Bethy. I tell you this all of the time but I wish I could go back to that day in February 2007 when I met you and I wish I could tell "2007 Beth" and "2007 Ingrid" that we would become fast friends and best friends at that and I would kill to see the looks on their faces.

I love you OH-SO-MUCH and can't wait to celebrate YOU. Here's to 30!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Seasons. Real, live actual seasons.
Great friends.
Rib sandwiches.
I'm sure come February 22nd my attitude about my latitude will be different, but as I've been saying, THAT IS WHAT AIRPLANES ARE FOR!

Fancy Pants.

Someone red carpet event invite me now. I want to wear this like YESTERDAY.
I love it so much I don't even make sense right now. It's so Ingy. Seriously.

Snack Time.

Running out the door to the bus stop? Hungry? Why grab a handful of nuts or a bag of chips or something that might be relatively easy to eat...
Why do that when you can eat CORN. And be sure that it's on the cob!
True story. Spotted in Bucktown early on a Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Captain Grammar!

Just when you think watching "The Jersey Shore" can't get any worse or make you less intelligent... proves you WRONG! There vs. their vs. they're. Come on MTV. You can do better!

Emmys Cliffs Notes

Instead of doing an in depth analysis of Emmys- I'm giving you cliffs notes. Really liked a LOT of dresses. Hated a few as well.

Best dressed and very overlooked: Lena Headey and Martha Plimpton!
Lena made that dress work for her. Could have been awful on the wrong person but it was beyond lovely on Ms. Headey.
And let's not forget Ms. Goonies. Color? Check. Bling? Yup. Surprisingly on best dressed list? Absolutely. I mean, come on, she made out with Mouth in the 80s.

Worst dressed: Julianna Margulies. Her show should be stripped of the word good in its title, that's how utterly BAD this lamp shade dress was. Beautiful woman. Love her, love her work, can't stand the dress. To be a fly on the wall when that dress was suggested and ultimately chosen. Oh boy...
Until the Globes!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Airplane Etiquette.

Have you ever had to use one of these on a flight?
No? Well you're lucky. I did some serious traveling last week for both work and pleasure and found myself in all 3 of the most populated cities in the US. And I had to use the above bag- because you can't get up from your seat unless you're at cruising altitude.

Came down with a little something (the jury is still out on whether it was a bug or a little food poisoning...) and it made for a miserable flight from NYC to Chicago. And a miserable Ingy for 2 days.

BUT all the travel connected me with my friends and lit the fire under my butt to make room in my all-too-busy schedule to make time to blog. No matter what. So...I'm back.

Note: that red bag above was not the bag that I used.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ducktales, WOO-OO!

I was watching the VMAs last weekend and Jessie J was the "house band" (and I use that term with a little disdain, she shouldn't have been the house band- she should have been a featured performer).

BUT, as I was watching her and taking in her fierce hair and make up...
I couldn't help noticing that she remided me of Magica de Spell from Ducktales. Minus the beak.
Her next video should have her animated at Magica de Spell. You're welcome Jessie J. I'll take 10% off the top.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of the Best Days of the YEAR!

Today is a great day (for more than one reason but I'll just be covering one of them right now). FOOTBALL is back in my life. I don't count preseason NFL. Nope. Not one bit. But kicking off college football at Camp Randall? Yes PLEASE!
I'll have you all know that I have on my Badger best today and will be RUNNING to the bar as soon as the school bell rings at the end of the day. Can't wait to cheer my boys on! And what an exciting quote to have stumbled upon yesterday: "Wisconsin will win the Big Ten. Do you realize the Badgers' offensive line this year will weigh about 1,600 pounds? That's more than the max payload of a 2008 Toyota Tundra. It's also about 80 pounds more than the Green Bay Packers' offensive line. That's a sixth grader more. They will cut down everything in the conference like wheat threshers. Welcome to the adult dinner table, Nebraska."

I'll leave you with an image from one of the most memorable Badger games in my lifetime which happened to be last October.
Gives me Badger Bumps.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly Kapowski Called...

...and she wants her shirt back!
I spy (spied) with my green little eye at The Taste of Lincoln: one very intoxicated middle aged man wearing a belly shirt! I mean, I can't. The entire outfit. I wonder why he paired a visor with a belly shirt. And was he heading to soccer practice after? That is what his kicks suggest. The look on that girl's face- pure bewilderment. And to top it off? He was PRETTY much making out with his french fries that were in that little tub. And eating them with a fork. I never understood why people eat french fries with a fork. But then again. I eat edamame with chopsticks. So....

**Photo credit to the one and only POC!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All Dressed Up!

Need to find somewhere to go! Snagged this bad boy when sister Molly popped in for a quick visitation sans kiddolets!
It's so dreamy. H&M. Can't go wrong. Disposable dresses. And by disposable I mean I will wear it more than once. Confused? Me too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleep With One Eye Open.

When I don't know what to do about something I call my dad. Even when I know he can't do a DAMN thing to help. And yes, even when I know he won't have a clue what to tell me to do. I can't help it.

I just got back from a weekend visiting with my sis and her fam (and my KIDDOS! I got such sweet hugs and love). I walked in my room and spotted a bug on my bed. Ew. Whatever. I dealt with it. BUT upon further investigation by my sleuth of a roommate (and with the help of google images) we figured out it was (likely) a TICK.
A tick? Um...ok. So what did I do? I called my dad. Here is a peek into our pointless conversation.

Me: Dad?
Dad: Hi Ing. What's up? I just talked to you.
Me: I know. I need help. I found a bug. In my bed.
Dad: A bug?
Me: Yes, a bug. And Katie googled it. And it looks like it might be a tick.
Dad: A tick? Can't be. Unless...Ing, were you in the woods?
Me: Yeah Dad, I've been in the woods (Spoken with heavy SARCASM. Naturally.)
Dad: Well, I don't know. That's usually where ticks are. Ticks aren't in the city. Was it tiny?
Me: Teeny tiny. Well is it one of those things- where you see one there are 10 more? (PANIC in my voice)
Dad: I don't think so. You killed it right?
Me: Yes. But I'm puzzled. Maybe it hitched a ride into the city on a dog who was in the woods.
Dad: Oh Ing, I don't know. It's a mystery of the church.
Me: (Heavy sigh). You don't have the answers I need. Ok, I am done talking about this. If I wake up with Lyme's disease or ticks eat me alive in my sleep, tell Mason and Emme that I love them.
Dad: I don't know what you want me to tell you. Now you're just being silly. You'll be just fine. Maybe you should bleach your sheets though. That's not a bad idea actually.

You see that? That conversation had no point. I knew when I called my dad that he wouldn't have any useful or helpful information for me. And it's now documented that I may get eaten alive in my sleep by creepy little bugs.

The Train, The Train!

The train is good for 2 things. It's good from getting you from point A to point B. Obviously. The other thing it's good for? People watching. Proof:
A lil bit of Jersey ridonkey-kong-ness in America's heartland. I wonder what he says to himself when he looks in the mirror in the morning. And what is the thought process that brings a person to dye the front half of his head like that? I'll never know because I only take photos of unsuspecting people, I'm not an investigative journalist.

**Photo credit to Miss Lauren S. THANK YOU for letting me make you take photos with your iPhone.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Bike, My Bike! I Want My Bike!

Picture me stomping around like the little girl in The Goonies (was it Data's little sister?) when Brand took her bike to chase after Mikey.
And that is what I will be doing on Tuesday September 13th at Target when THIS becomes available to me for purchase:
Like I said, "I want my bike!". Missoni for Target. Next stop, Anticipation Station! The collection has over 400 pieces and I can't promise you that I won't buy one of everything. And I also can't promise you that the Wicked Witch of the West song won't trail me wherever I ride my bike.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is it Possible?

Here is a question for the ages. Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional character? I mean, is it? Because if it is, I think I might have. With him.
Not Ryan Gosling. But his character Jacob Palmer. Swoonballs just isn't going to cut it. I need a new word. Do yourself a favor and go see Crazy Stupid Love. You won't be sorry. You might be mad that you're not dating or married to Jacob Palmer. Maybe you're mad he didn't use the signature Dirty Dancing move on you. But it's worth getting mad about, trust.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I Learned Driving Cross Country.

I learned MANY things on my cross country trek to my new home. I thought I would share them with you.
  • Road trips are a GREAT time to sneak in visits with friends who are along the way, even if you just get to stop for a hug.
  • Utah is beautiful. BUT there is absolutely no cell reception there. Zip. Zero. Zilch. If it's dark and you get a flat tire and you are alone, The Hills Have Eyes type of stuff is what will happen to you. I'm convinced.
  • Oh, and in Utah there are like 2 gas stations. You should stop at each of them so you don't end up with a scenario like the bullet point before this one.
  • Gas station food does not a good diet make. Especially for 2 1/2 days straight.
  • Book on CD is KEY. I spent 2 FULL days in the car. Alone. Pretty sure I solved all of the world's problems in my head. Also "read" The Hunger Games (thank you Katy). Although since I couldn't see it in print, I thought the narrator was being lazy and calling what I thought was the character Peter "Pita" (pronounced Pee-tah). His name in the book is Peeta. Go figure.
  • I can't keep a straight face when filling up my tank at a gas station called "Kum and Go". What. Don't pretend like you're so much more mature than I am. 12-year-old boy humor will get me EVERY TIME.
  • Nebraska is an absolutely useless state. What is it good for? Besides being where Andy Roddick and Bryan Greenberg were born, NOTHING. And I am not being dramatic. What a waste of land. BORING. PS- welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska.
  • And if you stop at a gas station in Nebraska, you'll likely see a gift shop inside the gas station that sells dream catchers, taxidermy-ed everything and t-shirts with wolves on them.
  • And also at that same gas station you'll also see a cashier who looks like she stepped out of a Cyndi Lauper video circa 1986 complete with frosty make-up and permed peroxide tresses.
  • And then a real live cowboy will call you a sweet little thing as you bounce into the gas station from your car and he'll tell you to "travel safe".
  • Every time I drive through Omaha (which has been 4 times total now), I sing that Counting Crows song. I bet they never get that there. *
  • Lots of people will text you and want to know where you are and what you're doing. You shouldn't text them back. It's bad to text and drive. Instead just let them worry about you.
  • You know you're approaching the Midwest when you start to see Culver's signs along with all of the Subway advertisements at the exits.
  • Oh and speaking of Subway, pretty sure there is one at EVERY exit. Ever. And when you're not in the mood for Subway that's when it's all you can find. Kill.
  • When the last day involves 15-16 hours of driving, that last hour is torture, but it's exciting torture. The feeling you get when you finally see that gorgeous Chicago skyline, well, it's pure magic. Butterflies rumbly in my tumbly. No other way to describe it.
And so, that was my trip. The last month has been an absolute whirlwind. I am writing from an air mattress and the movers are supposed to come today. Finally getting settled. Back to a schedule. Back to sanity. Back to the blogosphere. I miss LA, and I miss my girls. But I am a happy Midwestern camper!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fashion Police!

Spotted at the Taste of Lincoln street fest this past weekend:
Obscene use of mismatching plaids/patterns. Plus he looks like Ronnie from "The Jersey Shore" from the back.
People watching is honestly the best. I could do it for HOURS.
And yes, I am back. Life has started to stabilize for me so I will be back on the blogger. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover.

Appearances can be deceiving. What do you think is in this cup?
Captain Obvious would tell you that it's a smoothie. But IT'S NOT. It's a bona-freaking-fide 24 ounce (yes you read that right) MILKSHAKE. I find a place in LA to mask my junk food JUST in time to leave. Figures.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'd Bathe in Green if I Could.

It's not a secret that I love the color green. Always have. Always will. I just saw this gorgeous little shade and must try it out immediately if not sooner.
Might have to my MY FIRST MANICURE IN CHICAGO. I'm leaving in a few short days, folks!

PS- this color could be really good or it could make me look like I am dead with decaying fungus-filled fingernails. Let's hope that the latter isn't true!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doggie Pride.

The weekend before last was Pride weekend here in West Hollywood. The city is buzzing and the boys don't go to bed all weekend long. It's one big party and it's fantastical people watching. We saw this.
Apparently it's good animal watching too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Somebody needs a hair cut.Wow. I have tumbleweed where hair should be. Adding it to my to-do list! You, know because I don't have enough going on right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've Been Bad...

And not in a fun way. I've been a bad blogger. I have SO much swirling in my head at the moment. Not only have I been a bad blogger but I've been a bad everything. I'm not checking my VMs, taking 1000 years to email or call people back. EEK! I'll get my head on straight soon. Until then...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kudos to Edie Falco and Reese Witherspoon.

They both said what EVERYONE is thinking. Edie on Kim K and Reese on Blake Lively ET AL.

Edie Falco:
"Forgive me, I don’t know if you’re friends with her — but who the hell is Kim Kardashian? Like, who are these people and why are they famous and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinions about things? I just don’t understand what these people did to be in a position of having everyone ask their opinions about stuff. I mean, if there’s something about her personality or something that she’s accomplished or her philosophy on something — but beyond that I don’t understand what’s happening. It’s actually frightening."
- Edie Falco, on reality TV culture, to New York Magazine

Reese Witherspoon:
"I just want to say to all the girls out there, I know it's cool to be bad. I get it," Reese Witherspoon said during her acceptance speech. "All right, it's cool to be bad, but it's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show. "When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hit it under your bed. And like if you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face, people. Hide your face."

If you've been hiding under a rock, this is new to you, if not, I know you've seen/heard it but I can't help it, I MUST post because it was ab-so-lutely brilliant and SPOT ON!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm moving. To this city.And I couldn't be more excited about what lies ahead for me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm on a Boat.

Ok, no. I am not really on a boat. I am sitting in a cubicle. But in my mind I am on a boat. On Lake Michigan. In July. And I am wearing this:

And I will have actually applied sunscreen on my entire face instead of just most of my face forgetting the top of my nose like I somehow ALWAYS forget.

The search for a great one piece suit has ended. Hallelujah.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Why are we the only smart people in the world?" -Tonya 5/22/11, 7:58 PM PST

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transformers (for Women)!

When I was in kindergarten, I wanted a transformer for Christmas from Santa. I was mesmerized by how it started out as a car for example and then quickly could change into a robot. What can I say, I was sometimes a tomboy. Clearly. I mean, I held onto a hammer for dear life instead of a doll. So it makes sense that I'd be totally down with what I am about to share with you. So, what is better than this Thread Clara wedding dress on I ask you?
I'll tell you what. What's better than the above dress is the fact that it transforms into the dress below. Pure brilliance. And a perfect ceremony-to-reception look.
Swoonballs. Perfection. Not to mention brilliance.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Like a Donut Hole?

Remember when we were little? Thought so. Little girls don't wear bikinis. And in my opinion, they shouldn't. I wasn't allowed to get one til I was a sophomore (and I was the one with whom John and Sal were most lenient). I actually had no business wearing one even if I wanted to, those were some SERIOUSLY awkward years. And I kind of agree that little kids shouldn't wear bikinis. Stepping off of my soapbox now...

That didn't mean that I didn't have a cheat/peekaboo suit. Remember those? With the hole in the belly and back cut out so it was kind of like an attached bikini? I think the one below is from 1988. For reals. And it was the only one I could find. I challenge you to find a better one.
Well, our friends at Revolve Clothing have a current one for sale. It's updated but boy does it bring me back.
The current version could have had me fooled that it wasn't from 1988 as well. That bottom print screams Saved by the Bell theme song backdrop, doesn't it? For the record, mine was white and it said "Coke is It" in primary colors. Of course it did. My mom was the one who bought it so why wouldn't it say Coke?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I will forever Love my first big girl purse. Love with a capital L. Like, forever-ever love it. I used it, abused it and it traveled near and far with me. It was the Classic Hillier Hobo by Marc by Marc Jacobs. In a color that they don't make anymore.

Over the years it got dirrrrty. And not in the Christina Aguilera way. I decided to take it to a cobbler to give it a bath. (Yes I just said cobbler). I dropped it off and he assured me he would have it looking brand new again. I WAS SO EXCITED. I went to pick it up and my heart almost stopped. Instead of using this to clean it: He used this:

To PAINT IT. How do I know? Oh, it smells like spray paint and there is paint on the hardware. Kill. If anyone sees a great purse in that exact color PLEASE let me know. And no, it can't be the Chloe bag that Reese W has been toting around HollyHOOD lately. Sad Ingy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Afternoon Snack.

Pictured below is what is currently on my desk begging to be eaten.
It's normal to do this to them before I eat them, right?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I like to throw expired things away. Whoever invented expiration dates is a gen-i-us (pronounced the way Nuni and Nooni say it). And Diet Coke expires, mind you. My dad doesn't think it does. We fight about it EVERY time I am home.

I opened the fridge at work last week at work to get milk for my coffee and saw this:

What is wrong with that at first glance? Expires in July 3012! Wow, that crushed garlic is going to last 1001 years!

Ok, this may be lame but it made me do a serious double take.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katita B Chased Thirty.

And boy, did she catch it! Happy 30th birthday one of the best people I know. Here are some things (or some sings as we say) that bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face; Katra. The Lounge. Beckham. Blue bug. PLB. Going out on school nights doing "Hollywood". Those clothes we used to wear. 4th of July at the beach. Malibu weekend. Ari-love. Tears. Hip hop dance class. Pee in my pants laughing. Barney's karaoke. UFB. Stone face while you try to make me crack. Queso. Engagement phone call. Mixed CDs. Growing up together, into ADULTS. Emailing ALL day long and getting home and having NOTHING to talk about. Sidekicks. Lainey Boggs. Puerto Vallarta Parte 1. Lazy Friday nights with Bossa. Our "have they or haven't they" emails. Puerto Vallarta Parte 2. Katra/Blingy 6 Man weekend. Mucho. Baby girl Schneidie to be!

Happy birthday, love. I hope it's as spectacular as you! Can't wait to celebrate YOU! xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rent the Runway!

I'm sure you all have heard of Rent The Runway by now. If you haven't, sign up! I recently rented the runway for my trip to Vegas. I was feeling like I had NOTHING to wear and wanted something fresh and fun and I didn't want to buy anything. So I rented this dress. And here is the end result. Don't judge me for that photo. Sweet Child O' Mine was on and I can't be held accountable for my actions when that song plays. Ever. Pure magic. They ship it to you with EVERYTHING you need to send it back so once you've worn it you just pop it in the envelope and send it on its way. Easy as pie. And in this day in age of facebook, blogs, etc, who wants to be seen wearing the same thing twice? It helps if you know what size you are in each designer but just in case you think you might need a different size they send you a back up size. For free. How brilliant is that? They have a special going right now. Pay $50 and get $100 worth of rentals! Get the deal here. You have until October 8th to use it (you KNOW you have at least something to get dressy for before then) but only have 2 days to buy the deal! DO IT. Trust me, you won't regret it. You're welcome.

3 Great Shows You're Not Watching.

Or maybe you are. I can't read your Nielsen boxes. (Does anyone actually KNOW anyone who has one?).

In this world of terrible reality TV (can we even call it reality TV anymore?) great scripted shows are few and far between. And the good ones sometimes don't make it, they don't even get a fair shot. See: My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, Sports Night, etc.

First show you don't have on season pass but you should: Friday Night Lights.
Three reasons?
1. GREAT writing
2. "Clear Eyes, Full Heart"
3. Tim Riggins
4. It's about FOOTBALL!!!!!! But not really. But kind of...

Ok, that was 4 instead of 3.

Onto Show #2. Get to know The Sons of Anarchy.
It's pretty much The Sopranos but with bikers. But watered down a wee bit because it's on cable TV. And Charlie Hunnam is a dreamboat- total skeeze on the show sometimes, but such a lovable dirtbag. And Katey Sagal? She deserved that Golden Globe she won in January, she actually deserved it last year. Girl is PHENOMENAL in this show.

And last but not least, you NEED to get on board with The Good Wife immediately if not sooner.
Mr. Big, Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry and ALAN effing CUMMING. Brilliant cast. Great guest stars (Michael J Fox!). Leaves you wanting more each week.

All I know is if you're not watching the shows in this blog post, you really should start. Netflix the ones on DVD and get ready for the next seasons. Period. You heard it here. You won't be sorry.