Friday, January 28, 2011


Guess who will be in attendance next weekend in Dallas at the SUPERBOWL?!?!?! THIS GIRL! I could pee. I can't concentrate. I have butterflies in my stomach. I haven't been THIS excited about something...well, since the Rose Bowl.

Thank GOODNESS this fell on a dark week at work. The football Gods were with me. Look for me on the TV, I will be the one painted green with the gold tassles*. Black Eyed Peas as the halftime show? My excitement is dulling my hatred for them. Who knew?

BUT...I will be missing a very important birthday of a very important and understanding friend. I am very sad about that. I love you, Ri and I will make it up to you.

Until then, it's a great day to be a Packer!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sparkly Things Distract Me.

I need this.

And I need an event so I have an excuse to wear. Maybe a celebration of some sorts? Perhaps? I would also need a tan. Fail.

Titletown Born and Raised.

I'm a proud Packer. SUPERBOWL BOUND! Dallas, here we come!

Couldn't be more thrilled that we beat dem Bears at Soldier Field. (This is only for those who talked SO much trash to be before the game, not for any Bears fans who are respectful, productive members of society).

Monsters of the Midway? Not so much. Was pretty funny watching Cutler pout from the sidelines yesterday. Maybe they need to reassess and pick their THIRD STRING QB to start because he sure as hell played a lot better than QB 1 and QB 2. My cubemate thinks that Jay really just needed the weekend of the 6th off. I bet he submitted a request to the Bears Organization for the time off and was denied so he just didn't want to play well. Maybe he had a party he wanted to go to? Maybe he had a class to take on how to not to have the look on your face like you're wearing sandpaper underwear at all times. Maybe he had a scrap booking club to get to? Anything is possible, really.

Had a loverly little set up yesterday in the Walsh backyard, I jaunted there last minute. 75 and sunny with the TV outside and all the beer and brats this Midwestern gal could have asked for. See: outdoor fridge.

I got into work this morning and although I love one of my besties Beth, she put some signs up for the Steelers on my desk. Lame. And she is NEVER in before me at work. I promptly ripped them down and put them where they belong before you could say "Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood".

Where did they belong? The shredder. Where else! Trashtalking already, are we B? I don't trash talk pre-game. I am a post-trashtalker, but she just may make the ugly in me shine. Besides, skeezy, creepy, no-good rapists shouldn't play in the Superbowl. They don't deserve it. Just sayin'. BUT no matter who won the Jets/Steelers game, there would have been an accused rapist playing the Pack. See: Sanchez arrested in 2006.

GREEN and GOLD baby, all the way. We were America's team, we are America's team, and we ALWAYS WILL BE America's team. They don't call Green Bay "Titletown" for nothing. GO PACK GO.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Damage Control!

Good for you, Brett! You should be trying to repair that oh-so-tainted image that you seem to have created for yourself since you left Titletown. And it just happens to be so that it just got worse year after year. You may just want to be in the limelight still, can't handle not having the attention on you, but you said this week that The Pack deserve to win it all and that we are the best team in the league by far. I know a few Bears who would disagree with that, but since the Playoffs started 2 weeks ago, people keep calling the Pack the most dangerous team in the league.

Wouldn't that trip to Dallas in 2 weeks be just loverly? I sure think so. My heart bleeds Green and Gold. Go Pack Go! Clay and Charles shall be Bear hunting on Sunday!

Red Carpet WOWZA!

Long overdue. Much too long overdue. Let's blame it on my relaxing weekend in Palm Springs, I've been moving at a snail's pace this week when I haven't been at work. In fact, I just dozed off in between sentences.

Let's discuss the Globes, shall we? I will put it right out there and say I hated a few looks and loved a small hand full. Let's start with the LOVE.
Tied for #1 in my book: Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone. Anne KILLED it in that dress and Emma took hot to a whole new level.

Also, a beautiful (mind you a little too safe) Dianna Agron stole my heart once again. She is the entire package!

Enjoyed Eva Longoria (also safe), Jenna Ushkowitz and Leighton Meester.

Now...let's get to the ugly, the dreadful and the WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU (ahem, your overpaid stylist) THINKING?!?!?!?
I hate to do this because I like her, but Michelle Williams?

Were you going to De Pere High School's homecoming dance circa 1994? Because you sure looked like you could have fit right into the Freshman girls' photo. Did you do that on purpose so you can especially knock it out of the park at the Academy Awards? That can be the ONLY reason you did that. Remember that gorgeous Mustard Vera Wang you rocked with your red lips at the 2006 Oscars? No? Let me remind you.

Bam. Let's revisit a look like that for the Oscars, mmmmmK?

Helena Bonham Carter. But when is she ever NOT on this list?

Halle Berry? You look like a hooker kind of. And it's just a version of what you ALWAYS wear. Yawn.

J-Lo? J-NO! Honey, you had your quinceanera more than 20 years ago. Why did you think that this red carpet was another one of those?

Scarlett Jo. Bride of Frankenstein. Not a good way to make Ry Ry long for his married days.

And I hate to do this one too. Because I heart her, but Natalie. COME ON! This is YOUR YEAR. Let's get it together for next month.

I am sure I missed some peeps, but I just CAN'T with these last few. And I absolutely CAN with the ones who killed it.

Can't wait for the Oscars!

Friday, January 14, 2011

One of Each. Please.

Dear Diane von Furstenburg,

I sincerely would love to have one of everything in each and every of your collections until the day I die. That's not too much to ask. I am especially loving this little number for some reason...

And this guy...

Send me any size from 0-12 and I will MAKE it work.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sister Molly!

Today is my seeeeeeester's birthday. I wish I could be with her to take her on a sister date to play! She is the best sister a gal could ask for. She is an incredible mother, wonderful friend, thoughtful therapist and loving wife; she deserves the best today. Sending SO much love and many hugs to her from across the country. Molly, I am sorry that I can't make the Silver Bullet disappear today. And I am sorry that I can't make Coco appear today. I am also sorry that I made you believe you were getting a car on your 16th birthday. That wasn't very nice of me. I was in 4th grade. Chalk that one up to being a bratty little sis.

I love you more than the sun, the moon and the stars! Can't wait for your next California adventure! xoxo

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Sat Next to __________ on a Plane.

Upon my return to LA this past holiday season, I connected in Minneapolis. When I was boarding the plane, I noticed that I was behind some aging (ahem) rocker types. They were being loud and it was known to everyone within earshot that they were on tour. Ohh-kaaay. Mind you, they were small cities. Green Bay on New Year's Eve. I heard them say their seat number and noticed they were in my row. BACK WITH THE CATTLE. I don't fly big, kids. Coach it is for this little munchkin and that is A-okay with me. Well, I wouldn't turn a first class seat down I suppose.

I'll give you a clue as to who these aging rockers were...

They were very nice and revealed their identity at the end of the flight when some 16 year old kid asked who they were. Their response? "Kid, we had a hit when your father was in high school." Pretty much.

Here is a photo of the band back in the day.

Hot pants, right?

Give up? It was Warrant. Said hit: "Cherry Pie". EVERYONE knows that tune and it's a juke box staple. Period. Bad ass. And pretty funny. But not nearly as good as Feeg's Poison story.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year...a 'Lil Late!

Back for a little over a week. SO much has happened. Kelly's bridal shower. Abbreviated trip the the Geebz. My HS girls. Lots of love. Haircut (thank god). Mucho time with my mom's best friends, much needed. 9 hour car adventure. Never again. Family time. Stacey's green beans. Molly's famous Turkey dinner. Yum. Assembling regulation sized hockey net on Christmas Eve. The movie Christmas Vacation. Sugar cookie dough. Too much of it. Renard's fresh cheese curds. Take down an entire bag in one day. First trip to Five Guys' Burgers. YUM.

Snotty kisses from my little E. Making Mason kiss me each time I bear him at Beyblades. Mason secretly liking it. 2 bouncing kiddos on Christmas morning. Much too early for their Aunite. So sweet to see. Sister time. Makes me happy. Zhu zhu pet stuck in my hair. Sister had to cut it out. Laugh. Laugh some more. Laugh so hard tears stream down my face. Snow. Lots of it. Brr. Great news. Tons of Badgers on my flight home. Smiles. Camaraderie. NYE traditions with the marrieds. More love. Badgers take over LA. Even more camaraderie. Zimmerman family here. Known them since day 1 in Madison= family. Tailgate. Varsity. Patrick. Saw LaLa, hadn't seen her in SEVEN years! My UW girls. Mixed in with my LA girls. Happy Ingy. Grateful Ingy. Hope 2011 is a great year for all of you!