Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year...a 'Lil Late!

Back for a little over a week. SO much has happened. Kelly's bridal shower. Abbreviated trip the the Geebz. My HS girls. Lots of love. Haircut (thank god). Mucho time with my mom's best friends, much needed. 9 hour car adventure. Never again. Family time. Stacey's green beans. Molly's famous Turkey dinner. Yum. Assembling regulation sized hockey net on Christmas Eve. The movie Christmas Vacation. Sugar cookie dough. Too much of it. Renard's fresh cheese curds. Take down an entire bag in one day. First trip to Five Guys' Burgers. YUM.

Snotty kisses from my little E. Making Mason kiss me each time I bear him at Beyblades. Mason secretly liking it. 2 bouncing kiddos on Christmas morning. Much too early for their Aunite. So sweet to see. Sister time. Makes me happy. Zhu zhu pet stuck in my hair. Sister had to cut it out. Laugh. Laugh some more. Laugh so hard tears stream down my face. Snow. Lots of it. Brr. Great news. Tons of Badgers on my flight home. Smiles. Camaraderie. NYE traditions with the marrieds. More love. Badgers take over LA. Even more camaraderie. Zimmerman family here. Known them since day 1 in Madison= family. Tailgate. Varsity. Patrick. Saw LaLa, hadn't seen her in SEVEN years! My UW girls. Mixed in with my LA girls. Happy Ingy. Grateful Ingy. Hope 2011 is a great year for all of you!


  1. Happy New Year to you too and see you in a lil over two months!

  2. Can I just take this opportunity to tell you how VERY VERY much I miss you and your sissy????? I have decided that I need to organize a very much needed "cousins" reunion for "our" generation! You're fabulous and I love you!

  3. this post makes me want to spend a day in your life. love it!