Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Carpet WOWZA!

Long overdue. Much too long overdue. Let's blame it on my relaxing weekend in Palm Springs, I've been moving at a snail's pace this week when I haven't been at work. In fact, I just dozed off in between sentences.

Let's discuss the Globes, shall we? I will put it right out there and say I hated a few looks and loved a small hand full. Let's start with the LOVE.
Tied for #1 in my book: Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone. Anne KILLED it in that dress and Emma took hot to a whole new level.

Also, a beautiful (mind you a little too safe) Dianna Agron stole my heart once again. She is the entire package!

Enjoyed Eva Longoria (also safe), Jenna Ushkowitz and Leighton Meester.

Now...let's get to the ugly, the dreadful and the WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU (ahem, your overpaid stylist) THINKING?!?!?!?
I hate to do this because I like her, but Michelle Williams?

Were you going to De Pere High School's homecoming dance circa 1994? Because you sure looked like you could have fit right into the Freshman girls' photo. Did you do that on purpose so you can especially knock it out of the park at the Academy Awards? That can be the ONLY reason you did that. Remember that gorgeous Mustard Vera Wang you rocked with your red lips at the 2006 Oscars? No? Let me remind you.

Bam. Let's revisit a look like that for the Oscars, mmmmmK?

Helena Bonham Carter. But when is she ever NOT on this list?

Halle Berry? You look like a hooker kind of. And it's just a version of what you ALWAYS wear. Yawn.

J-Lo? J-NO! Honey, you had your quinceanera more than 20 years ago. Why did you think that this red carpet was another one of those?

Scarlett Jo. Bride of Frankenstein. Not a good way to make Ry Ry long for his married days.

And I hate to do this one too. Because I heart her, but Natalie. COME ON! This is YOUR YEAR. Let's get it together for next month.

I am sure I missed some peeps, but I just CAN'T with these last few. And I absolutely CAN with the ones who killed it.

Can't wait for the Oscars!


  1. I love that we have the EXACT same taste! Those were also my favorites. Annie H is my lover.

  2. You need to WRITE FOR A MAGAZINE.

  3. I completely agree with this post. I think Nathalie might've been okay if the flower was taken off all together. And it looks like J.Lo stole Sandy's dress from the prom (Grease).

  4. I agree with you my darling Ingrid, except for Natalie... she is pregnant after all and there aren't many dresses that look FABULOUS with a slightly bulging belly.... BUT.... I LOVE your blog and the comment about DePere's prom cracked me up!! love you!

  5. Ing, I am so with you on all counts but one - I wasn't a fan of Emma Stone, but Anne - yowsas! Oh, and you forgot Kira Sedgewick - she looked stunning in that orange number. :) Congratulations to the Pack BTW! I'll be cheering for them in 2 weeks.

  6. Katy- Annie is indeed your lovah. She is pretty amazing. I am not shocked that we have the same taste.

    Sarah, I didn't have a problem with Natalie's dress, HATED the red rose on it. Completely unnecessary and made it look cheap in my honest opinion. :)

    YES! Sandy's Prom dress! Hahaha. So true!

    Siri, I should not be a professional writer, but thank you for that. YOU are the professional writer.

    Beaves, THANK YOU for backing my beloved Pack. You're a good woman. And you picked the right team to cheer for in the SB. And I did forget Kyra. She looked great and I loved her accessories with her dress!