Monday, January 24, 2011

Titletown Born and Raised.

I'm a proud Packer. SUPERBOWL BOUND! Dallas, here we come!

Couldn't be more thrilled that we beat dem Bears at Soldier Field. (This is only for those who talked SO much trash to be before the game, not for any Bears fans who are respectful, productive members of society).

Monsters of the Midway? Not so much. Was pretty funny watching Cutler pout from the sidelines yesterday. Maybe they need to reassess and pick their THIRD STRING QB to start because he sure as hell played a lot better than QB 1 and QB 2. My cubemate thinks that Jay really just needed the weekend of the 6th off. I bet he submitted a request to the Bears Organization for the time off and was denied so he just didn't want to play well. Maybe he had a party he wanted to go to? Maybe he had a class to take on how to not to have the look on your face like you're wearing sandpaper underwear at all times. Maybe he had a scrap booking club to get to? Anything is possible, really.

Had a loverly little set up yesterday in the Walsh backyard, I jaunted there last minute. 75 and sunny with the TV outside and all the beer and brats this Midwestern gal could have asked for. See: outdoor fridge.

I got into work this morning and although I love one of my besties Beth, she put some signs up for the Steelers on my desk. Lame. And she is NEVER in before me at work. I promptly ripped them down and put them where they belong before you could say "Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood".

Where did they belong? The shredder. Where else! Trashtalking already, are we B? I don't trash talk pre-game. I am a post-trashtalker, but she just may make the ugly in me shine. Besides, skeezy, creepy, no-good rapists shouldn't play in the Superbowl. They don't deserve it. Just sayin'. BUT no matter who won the Jets/Steelers game, there would have been an accused rapist playing the Pack. See: Sanchez arrested in 2006.

GREEN and GOLD baby, all the way. We were America's team, we are America's team, and we ALWAYS WILL BE America's team. They don't call Green Bay "Titletown" for nothing. GO PACK GO.


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I'm wearing my Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood shirt at work today (with a black Can't wait for Dallas! Let me know if you get crazy and book a ticket!

  2. I love this. Well said, Ingrid...all of it! And that Packer Party looks like it was fabulous!