Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Girl.

Siri is 30.

Thirty things for Siri. Thirty things that make me think of Siri. Thirty memories.

Madison. First meeting at Brats. Kappa. Beaming friend watching you in Wisconsin Singers. LA dreams. Summer away. Parallel parking. Big move. PLB, cramped quarters. Honda Accord. Britney Spears "Toxic". The "Siri" dance". Josephs. Lots of laughs and late nights. Paramount Lot. The first Arclight trip. Scaring the poo out of you in Barham. Parties. Barney's Beanery. Awards shows. UFB moving out. Lots of tears, love. Finding love. Yankees. The beach. Palm Springs. Jackson J. Proud mama. Happy family. Loving friend.

Just a glimpse! I love you Siri! You are an incredible woman. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, wish part of me could stay here with you to celebrate. Have the biggest glass of champagne for me, please!


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