Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Real.

It's really really REAL.

Proof positive:

Not the hottest I've looked but I am so excited for this weekend that I DON'T CARE. Killer trench, right? No clue why I assumed the cheerleader stance. So excited to see Jen, Nick, Katy and EVERY OTHER PACKERS FAN WHO WILL BE IN NORTH TEXAS!

Watch out Dallas, I am coming for you. And let me say another collective THANK YOU that work and taping weeks actually agreed with me for once.



  1. You are assuming the cheerleader stance to make up for the fact that there won't be any cheerleaders at the Superbowl this year! :)

    Have so much fun, I am jealous beyond words... it is quite possible that I will never see my team in the Superbowl during my lifetime. Sadness. :(

  2. What the fun?! Wow, this to me would be like going to an NBA final with the Lakers. I can't even imagine your excitement right now for your team. Have so much fun!!!!

  3. Katie, the Vikes will get there again, they will! And when they do, YOU WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE!

    It's JUST like that. But Game 7 and everyone calling it the best game 7 of NBA history! I have been getting so excited that I am making myself sick. Like really sick! Ha!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It's really happening!! Have SO much fun for all of us. I'll toast to you and the Pack on Saturday night at Siri's. Remember to blog about every little thing, if you can. Have the best time and GO PACK GO!

  5. I was wondering if you got your tickets! Have so much fun Ing and don't stress too much!