Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 New Things.

Feathers are ev-er-y-where right now. One of my ladies Katy wore them when she married her great love last May. They're in hair extensions right now. They're in the ears of the fashionable. And they are also in my ears thanks to one RilesB in my life (note: not calling myself fashionable, just saying that along WITH the fashionable, I too am donning these plumage-inspired earrings). nomakeuponinthisphotodon'tcare

Love. Hair must be completely up when I have something this busy going on in the ears! Pile that stuff on top of this head!

Also rocking this on my nails. My girl Siri threw a bottle my way for my bday (no, she didn't really throw it) and introduced me to this cuh-lah! Stylish and smart girl she is! I took a photo of my hand but the way my thumb looks was giving me the heeby-jeebies so you'll just have to deal with a jpeg of the bottle.

Looks much greener in person. Sew Psyched!

And last but not least, Beth had a baby on Friday! Paxton is the sweetest thing in the whole world and has dimples that are to DIE for. Love that little man already and so excited for the new family!


  1. This post makes me happy. All of your posts make me happy. I want you to write for a magazine already, dammit.

  2. Siri, not sure what magazine I would write for?!?! Aren't those a dying breed? That's what the internets are for. :)

  3. Pretty Ingy... see on Saturday!